How To Improve The Quality Of Your Leads

Lead quality has long been a hot button issue between marketing and sales. Most people have their own definition of what constitutes a lead. Here at Winn, we find the process below essential in generating true sales qualified leads.

How To Produce A Higher Quality Lead

The eternal struggle of sales and marketing alignment comes down to the volume and quality of the leads being generated. Creating a higher quality lead can only be achieved when sales and marketing teams collaborate to establish clear buyer personas and lead definitions. Once that has been accomplished, you can dive into the tactical side of lead generation. Here we outline how marketers can produce a higher quality lead.

How To Create An Effective Lead Qualification Campaign

Lead management is what links marketing and sales together for a company. It can identify potential buyers, educate them, engage with them and when leads are considered qualified, pass them from marketing to sales. You need to ask yourself if your business is following an organized and effective lead management process because doing so can improve the results of your lead generation efforts and will contribute to more sales.

What Do B2B Tech Buyers Want?

While every buyer is different, there are a few key aspects of the customer experience that B2B technology buyers view in high regard. There are of course many other details that go into the sales process, but these 4 core pieces are what you can base your sales, marketing and product development on.

Tech Industry Lead Generation Tactics: Part One

Lead generation campaigns have changed dramatically over the years due to the rapid digital transformation. However, there are some time-tested tactics that can generate a higher quality lead. Utilizing a multi-channel marketing approach doesn’t necessarily mean using every channel in one campaign. There are certain tactics that work well together. Here is a base example of how to develop a lead generation campaign based on email, response handling and teleprospecting.