How To Advertise On LinkedIn

LinkedIn ads are a powerful marketing tool for B2B organizations and tend to provide a better return on investment than either Google or Facebook ads. Since LinkedIn is a professional site, most users have, at the very least, their job title and company name on their profiles. This makes for highly refined targeting options. Rather than simply selecting a geographic region or keyword to target, you’re able to get much more granular with your targeting. Here we’ve compiled some best practices for getting the most out of your LinkedIn advertising dollars.

How To Organically Increase The Reach Of Your Social Media Content

With the way that social media algorithms work these days, it can be extremely tough to reach your target audience without using paid advertising. That being said, there are still several techniques you can use to organically increase the reach of your content.

The Importance Of Social Media For B2B Organizations

Some marketers dispute the effectiveness of social media for B2B organizations, but in truth, there can be significant value, provided you have clear goals and a formal plan. Your social media strategy should align with your overall marketing plan and work in tandem with the different campaigns that you’re running.

The Value Of A Content Calendar

Content marketing can be an extremely effective means of driving website visits and conversions, provided you have a well thought out and organized plan. A content calendar is an organizational tool that helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns as well as your marketing team.

Content Distribution Quick Tips

Distribution is perhaps the most important aspect of a content marketing strategy. You can write an exceptionally educational and entertaining piece, but without proper distribution, no one will ever see it. Many experts recommend spending at least twice as much time distributing content than you do creating it. While this may not be possible for every organization, there are several simple ways to improve your distribution strategy.