How To Market Your Company With Existing Social Skills

Through-out life, you have interacted with people on almost a daily basis, manifesting your strengths in social skills. This is something, if used properly, can catapult your companies marketing abilities. The fun part about this is you get to utilize yourself! Just focus on your strengths and what you enjoy doing, maybe invite other personalities within your business to compliment. With that said, I have a few ways to make the most of utilizing your company’s already existing social skills.

Top 10 Halloween Movies For The Whole Family

This Halloween is sure to be different from any in recent memory. Parties, haunted houses and even trick or treating may not be a big part of this years celebration. That being said, there are still ways to enjoy the spooky season while staying safe. A Halloween movie marathon may be just the thing to bring your family together this October 31st. Here are ten family friendly titles that the whole family can enjoy.

Online Event Marketing Guide

Online events have become the norm over the last six months and with their success, we are sure to see a lot more of them. While many of the tactics used to promote these events will be the same as traditional events, the messaging will be a bit different. Rather than traditional event promotion that hypes up the venue, vendors and experience, online event marketers need to treat these events like a webinar by fully propping up the content and speakers that will present. Here we take a look at several tactics to help promote your next online event.

5 Holiday Customer Appreciation Ideas For B2B Organizations

While there are not quite as many ways for B2B organizations to market their products during the holidays as there are for their B2C counterparts, there is one sure way to gain a bit of traction. Nurturing your current customers has never been as important as it is today. Showing your clients that you appreciate their continued business through what has been a tumultuous year can help to foster long-term relationships. Here we take a look at five ways to show customer appreciation this holiday season.

5 Benefits Of Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing can provide several key benefits to growing companies. Even if you have an in-house team that handles the majority of your tasks, having a partner that can take on some of them opens up a great deal of opportunity. BPO allows you to scale at will, allowing you to grow and take on larger projects without the costly overhead of hiring on additional employees. Here we take a look at five benefits of business process outsourcing.