11 Summer Inspirational Quotes

Wow, this year has surely flown by, and we are now gearing up for a nice hot summer! With summer brings nice sunny days to enjoy the beach or lake, and spend time with family traveling. Here are a few summer quotes to keep your summer a positive one:          

How To Segment Your Account-Based Marketing Audience

Have you ever found yourself trying to come up with a plan to close deals quicker through account-based marketing but don't want to burn the midnight oil? Account-based marketing is a strategy that uses methods to hand-select companies that fall into certain target markets based on needs. ABM strategies are not for everyone, as companies who have a financial productivity that is high-volume, low-value sales will not benefit from ABM. Here are a few steps to follow to segment your account-based marketing audience.

6 Tips To Building A Successful LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for B2B organizations and can be used to build brand awareness and generate leads. Using a blend of organic and paid tactics to reach your audience will be more effective than using one or the other. Here we look at how to blend organic and paid social media marketing with LinkedIn.

Happy Father's Day From Winn Technology Group

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate your father. It was created shortly after Mother’s Day and was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington. With this being a holiday celebrated yearly, people always think of other ways to celebrate. Here is a list of fun things that you could do:

5 Characteristics Of A Successful Blog Article

Your company blogs are one of the best ways to increase website traffic, build awareness, generate leads, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. A successful article requires far more than just quality writing. Your blog needs to deliver value, so you draw in your readers and keep them coming back for each new article you publish. Here we look at five characteristics of a successfully written blog article.