Why Is Branding Important?: 5 Benefits Of A Strong B2B Brand

A strong brand makes it easier to build relationships, as your brand itself has done some of the work of breaking the ice and gaining the trust of potential clients, all before they have spoken to anyone within your organization. Trust matters most when closing deals and retaining customers, making your brand the epicenter of your revenue engine.

4 Aspects Of Successful Multi-Channel Account-Based Marketing Programs

Account-based marketing programs have proven to show tremendous ROI when used in conjunction with a multi-channel approach. Focusing on your most desired accounts with tailored messaging through a variety of channels can help you gain traction where it matters most. Here we take a look at four aspects of successful multi-channel ABM programs.

Explaining Owned, Paid And Earned Content Distribution Channels

Even the greatest piece of content will have little impact if it is not distributed properly. There are a seemingly endless number of distribution channels that can be used to circulate your content. Each one falls under one of three categories; owned, paid and earned. Here we break down the components and uses of each type of content distribution channel.

3 Ways To Keep Your B2B Blog Content Fresh

With so much emphasis on digital marketing and content these days, it is essential that B2B organizations don’t allow their company blogs to become stale. Consistently publishing fresh educational and entertaining articles to your blog can help build brand awareness, drive website visits and increase conversions, provided you’re giving your audience what they want. 

The Importance Of Data Quality In Marketing And Sales

Automation platforms, social media, paid advertising, the cloud and countless other new technologies have driven marketers to rely heavily on large amounts of data. Finding quality data to purchase and keeping your own records up to date is a significant challenge. Employees change jobs, companies go under or rebrand. These are just a few reasons it’s important research those you’re purchasing lists from, audit the data and keep close track of your return on investment.