3 Micro-Digital Marketing Campaigns To Support Channel Partners

Supporting your channel partners in their marketing efforts is vital to generating revenue and ensuring they are focused on selling your products. Providing market development funds and a list of approved marketing vendors is an important first step, but including pre-structured campaigns along with the content needed to implement them will guarantee consistent messaging and help solve the bandwidth issues that so often plague channel partners. Here we outline three different micro-digital marketing campaigns that can be used to support your channel community.

How To Take A Multi-Channel Sales Approach

Multi-channel marketing has been a buzzword for some time now and has proven to be the most effective way of reaching and engaging prospects. Many of the same principles can be implemented by your sales team as well. There have never been more channels to communicate with prospects as a group or as individuals. Here we take a look at how to take a multi-channel sales approach.

How To Promote Your Next B2B Tech Event

Promoting through multiple channels and with a variety of content will create visibility for your event, get you in front of your desired audience, and help drive attendance. While in-person and online events appeal to audiences differently, how you promote them will be very similar. Here we take a look at how to promote your next B2B tech event.

Maintaining A Positive Productive Marketing Mindset

Taking creative energy and funneling it into campaigns is what marketing is all about. The last year and a half of work from home and lockdown has been challenging for many marketers who draw their inspiration from interactions with colleagues and the general energy of the office environment. But let's face it, even when we were all in the office, there were still times when it was tough to get the juices flowing. Finding ways to maintain a creative mindset is essential in order to continually create campaigns that have an impact on your audience. Here we take a look at five ways to help maintain a positive, productive marketing mindset.

How To Use Each Channel For ABM

Account-based marketing requires the use of multiple channels in order to be effective. Every prospect will have their own preferred method of communication, and each channel offers a different way to showcase your brand and its products. Here we look at some of the key channels to use in your ABM campaigns and how to use them.