5 Email Marketing Tips For 2021

Getting email marketing right can be a difficult task. Even if you’ve followed every best practice and have a compelling copy, there’s still a chance your campaign won’t reach your goals. It is, however, still a highly effective means of reaching a wide audience and nurturing prospects through the pipeline.

What Makes An Attractive Channel Partner Program?

Recruiting profitable channel partners is a priority for many organizations, but before you can begin to entice ideal partners to sign on, you need to ensure your program is attractive. There is a great deal of competition out there to recruit partners, with new programs and company mergers happening all the time. Here we take a look at what makes an attractive channel partner program.

Five Things Your B2B Website Needs To Generate Leads

Just about every B2B business has a website these days, but many are missing out on opportunities as they have not optimized their site to generate leads. Educational content, calls to action, premium content, visuals and social media all play a part in converting website visitors into leads. Here we take a look at five things your B2B website needs to generate leads.

5 Ways To Use Psychology In Content Marketing

Marketing and sales professionals lean on psychological tactics every day, whether we know it or not. Convincing prospects to click on an article, download an eBook, open an email or engage with a social post requires a bit of tactical authenticity involving various psychological theories.

How To Improve The Performance Of An Individual Social Media Post

As the organic reach of social media posts continues to dwindle and competition becomes even more fierce, finding ways to get your posts in front of your target audience has become a priority for marketers. Social media is an essential tool for building an audience, sharing content, generating leads, engaging with prospects and nurturing clients. But what about improving the performance of an individual social media post?