Crafting A One-To-One ABM Campaign

There are three primary types of account-based marketing campaigns; one to one, one to few, and one to many. With a one-to-one campaign, you target one highly sought-after account with a campaign built solely to gain their business. Here we take a high-level view of how to craft a one-to-one ABM campaign.

How To Use Each Channel For ABM

Account-based marketing requires the use of multiple channels in order to be effective. Every prospect will have their own preferred method of communication, and each channel offers a different way to showcase your brand and its products. Here we look at some of the key channels to use in your ABM campaigns and how to use them.

5 Steps For Marketing Your Technology With ABM

As competition rises in the technology space, segmenting a small subset of your target accounts and developing personalized account-based marketing campaigns has become the go-to strategy for the majority of marketers. The ROI that can be acquired through a narrow focus on your most sought-after accounts can far outweigh that of campaigns that take a broader approach. Laying the groundwork for an ABM campaign involves a great deal of effort, but the actions needed can be divided into five key steps.

10 Steps To Develop A Comprehensive ABM Campaign

An account-based marketing program can take on many forms and include a wide variety of tactics. The overarching theme is that these initiatives focus on a particular segment of your target audience, are highly personalized, and incorporate multi-channel outreach. There is a great deal of preparation involved in creating a comprehensive ABM campaign. Here we walk through ten steps to complete prior to launch.

How To Prepare To Launch An ABM Campaign

Regardless of the scale of your account-based marketing campaign, there are several key tasks you’ll need to address prior to launch. Here we’ve broken down the steps necessary to prepare an ABM campaign that leverages content marketing, social media advertising, email and teleprospecting.