Building A More Effective Marketing Department

Remaining productive over these last few months has been challenging. Finding alternatives to live events, remaining in steady communication, collaborating on projects and adjusting our daily personal routines are just a few of the challenges we’ve all had to deal with. 

4 Aspects Of Successful Multi-Channel Account-Based Marketing Programs

Account-based marketing programs have proven to show tremendous ROI when used in conjunction with a multi-channel approach. Focusing on your most desired accounts with tailored messaging through a variety of channels can help you gain traction where it matters most. Here we take a look at four aspects of successful multi-channel ABM programs.

Finding Marketing Wins In Summer 2020

As with nearly every industry, marketers have had to adjust over the last few months. With there still being a great deal of uncertainty about the future, we came up with several ideas that can help your organization gain some marketing wins this summer.

5 Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Ideas For Your B2B Tech Firm

Using a variety of channels to reach your prospects is nothing new, but determining which tactics work best together, and for what purpose, is imperative in capitalizing on a multi-channel approach. Here we’ve outlined five multi-channel marketing campaigns that leverage both inbound and outbound tactics.

Pairing Digital Tactics To Spread Your Marketing Message

Taking a multi-channel approach to your marketing campaigns can make them more effective and enable you to reach more of your target audience. Some digital tactics work hand-in-hand. Here we’ve identified three digital pairings that can breathe new life into your campaigns.