How To Design And Promote A Successful Hybrid Event

With widespread shutdowns still in effect and further shutdowns imminent, virtual events will continue to dominate the business world. However, there is still interest and demand for live events as well. The future of B2B events appears to be a hybrid of the two. Even as the pandemic wanes, we can expect a virtual component to remain in place for many major events due to the overall success they have had. The challenge comes with merging both the virtual and live experience into one holistic event that provides value regardless of how you choose to attend.

How To Increase Attendance At Your Next Online Event

Even with some in-person events returning, online events appear poised to continue in abundance, popularity, and effectiveness. Promoting a virtual event is a bit different than those held in person. While the cost is typically much lower without the need for travel or lodging, and being held online opens you up to a worldwide audience, the in-person experience is the biggest draw for many potential attendees. Pulling off a successful online event requires a creative team and collaborative effort between all sales and marketing divisions. Here we look at how to increase attendance at your next online event.

5 Keys To An Engaging Webinar

Webinars have become an essential tool for B2B tech marketers as they allow for live demonstrations and interactions with prospects. They offer the opportunity to show the benefits and functionality of products while also humanizing your brand. Since most technologies can be pretty complicated, and many buyers are not necessarily tech-savvy, this forum can be extremely beneficial for marketers and salespeople. Making your webinar entertaining, educational and engaging is vital to its success. Here we take a look at five keys to an engaging webinar.

6 Reasons Your Tech Firm Should Host A Webinar

Virtual events have taken over in the last two years, and webinars have become an invaluable marketing tool for technology firms. With the complexity that comes along with most tech products, the ability to give a live demonstration, answer questions and receive feedback can go a long way toward improving your sales pipeline. Here we take a look at six reasons your tech firm should host a webinar.

How To Promote Your Next B2B Tech Event

Promoting through multiple channels and with a variety of content will create visibility for your event, get you in front of your desired audience, and help drive attendance. While in-person and online events appeal to audiences differently, how you promote them will be very similar. Here we take a look at how to promote your next B2B tech event.