How To Increase Webinar Attendance

Webinars can be a great marketing tool, if promoted correctly.  If your webinar attendance has been floundering lately, or you’re just trying to boost your already healthy audience, try these ten tips.

Maximize Event ROI By Following Up

Events can provide a great ROI provided that you’ve gone through the proper preparations and follow up with your prospects in the days and weeks following the show. Without following up, you stand very little chance of gaining business from an event. Here we’ve outlined how to maximize your event ROI by following up.

The Sup-X Experience

Winn Technology Group was thrilled to be a platinum sponsor at Sup-X 2019. The Start-Up Expo is an annual event held in Ft. Lauderdale that is put on by TechLauderdale and the South Florida Technology Alliance. This year’s event included a large contingent of start-ups with significant potential as well as dozens of educational panel discussions. 

5 Keys To Public Speaking

With so many ways to reach out and communicate in 2019, we often forget the powerful impact that our ability to speak publicly and in front of large groups can leave. Focusing on some key aspects of the skill can be the best way to improve yours. I would characterize a successful speech around five points; clarity, posture, grammar, vocabulary, and eye contact. The very first businesses and marketers wouldn't have had a studio or a Twitter account; it would have begun with rhetorical skill. The ability to motivate, inspire, and persuade another person to believe in you or your idea in person is perhaps the most important skill for building a successful message, relationship, or business.

How To Stay Stress Free At Marketing Events

Attending and presenting at events can be stressful, tiring and expensive. They can also be very profitable from both a monetary and networking perspective. Making sure you are your best self throughout the length of the event will have a tremendous impact on the level of return you get from it. Here are a few tips to remain stress free at marketing events.