How To Increase Attendance At Your Next Online Event

Posted by Michael Auer on Jan 21, 2022 11:48:35 AM

How To Increase Attendance At Your Next Online EventEven with some in-person events returning, online events appear poised to continue in abundance, popularity, and effectiveness. Promoting a virtual event is a bit different than those held in person. While the cost is typically much lower without the need for travel or lodging, and being held online opens you up to a worldwide audience, the in-person experience is the biggest draw for many potential attendees. Pulling off a successful online event requires a creative team and collaborative effort between all sales and marketing divisions. Here we look at how to increase attendance at your next online event.

Make It Experiential

Creating an experience when your audience is either at home or in the office can take a bit of creativity. Still, if done correctly, you’ll create a fun and engaging atmosphere that leaves an impression on your prospects. Virtual lunches and coffee meetings can be pulled off by sending attendees gift cards. Encourage your attendees to share a bit about what they ordered and why. Going a step further and sending gift packages with wine, spirits, snacks, or chocolates for your attendees to taste and rate during your event can be even more effective and engaging.

Offer An Incentive

Many online event promoters have gone the route of the $25 gift card incentive to attract attendees. While this can be effective, a gift card alone is a bit generic. If you go this route, consider making the cards tie into a theme related to your event. Some other incentives include offering discounts on your products and services, company-branded merchandise, technology gifts, demo units, or any other small gift that would fit the interests of your target audience.

Create A Trailer Video

Video has become an essential marketing tool. A well-thought-out and humorous trailer video can help get the attention of potential attendees and help communicate the theme of your event in a fun and engaging way. Making a spoof of a particular movie or sporting event is a great way to add a bit of humor to your video and will give you a jumping-off point for your script. Get people excited about what is to come at your event, and make sure to include all important information like who is presenting, dates/times, and how to register.

Promote Through Multiple Channels

Blogging, email, social media, video, teleprospecting, and pay-per-click advertising are all great ways to market your events, and each of them should be used to some degree in your promotional campaign. Each piece of content you create should be geared toward creating excitement around your event and contain a link to your registration page. Teleprospecting is particularly effective in generating registrations from truly interested decision-makers as you have the opportunity to network through an organization and ask qualifying questions.

Invite Multiple Decision Makers

Since most B2B purchase decisions involve multiple players, it is good to invite several people from each target organization, including decision-makers and influencers. This not only allows you to speak with everyone involved in the decision, but it also ensures if a particular person can’t make the event, you still have a chance to get in front of that company. Make sure you’ve clearly identified your ideal buyer and each potential job role that may play a part in making a purchase decision.

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