3 Ways To Keep Channel Partners Engaged And Profitable During Social Distancing

Without the ability to host in-person partner summits, digital avenues have become essential in maintaining the health of your channel community. Here are three ways you can ensure your partners remain engaged and profitable during social distancing.

Are Your Channel Marketing Priorities In Order?

A recent webinar put on by SiriusDecisions highlighted the current and assumed future priorities of channel leaders. Here we break down where channel leaders should focus their resources in the immediate future.

Using Teleprospecting And Email To Recruit Channel Partners

Recruiting new channel partners is an essential task to maintain and grow a profitable channel partner community. Using a live touch is essential to the success of these campaigns. Here we outline ten steps for running a successful channel partner recruiting campaign using teleprospecting and email.

3 Channel Marketing Campaigns For The New Year

Providing direction to your channel partners on the types of marketing campaigns to run will help to increase the revenue generated through your channel community. Many partners do not have the bandwidth to create these types of campaigns, so providing the content necessary to carry them out and distributing MDFs so they can outsource their implementation is essential to keep these partners active on your projects. Here are three campaigns that will bring your channel partners success in 2020.

What Do Your Channel Partners Need To Be Successful?

Your channel partners need help, but what exactly do they need?  Channel managers that are actively involved in their partner communities tend to be more successful. Providing your partners with the resources they need to properly sell your product is imperative in creating a profitable channel community. Here’s what they’ll need.