Aligning Your Channel Partner Management Strategy

Channel partner management is all about aligning products, sales and marketing to create a strong channel community that drives business, delights customers and provides value to all parties.  Channel partners can be a tremendous asset, enabling your company to reach niche markets while acting as an extension of your internal sales team.  This relationship only works when each aspect is aligned and partners receive the support needed to make sales.

3 Characteristics Of A Great Channel Partner

One of the central aspects of growth in 2019 is having not only a valuable and unique value proposition, but a dynamic and well established chain of partners that connect your product to your current as well as potential customers. Your channel of value added resellers and distributors can be the determining factor of building your brand from a small business to a large or even enterprise level company over time. Examining the current successful companies with channel partners which were crucial to their respective success stories is a great place to begin your research for building and planning your channel. There are 3 distinct elements which are present in a robust alignment of channel partners, and they should be at least considered before building yours.

How To Better Support Your Channel Partner’s Marketing Initiatives

In order for your channel community to thrive, they need your support.  One of the best ways you can do this is by helping to bolster their marketing initiatives.  This may include infusing market development funds, providing marketing content, and taking a more hands on approach to their overall strategy.

7 Keys To B2B Channel Partner Recruitment

Recruiting new channel partners is a necessary task in order to maintain a truly effective channel marketing community.  The fit, quality and resources of a company will have a significant impact on their ability to drive sales for your organization.  In order to recruit the best partners, you need to take a strategic approach with a stringent vetting process while offering true value to your potential partners.

The Right Way To Feed Your Channel Partners Marketing Content

Simply providing sales and marketing content to your channel partners is not enough, they need strategy and direction.  Many partners lack the bandwidth to create a plan based on the materials they receive and often times valuable content assets go unused.  In order to curb this and maximize the usage of your materials, a few key steps are necessary.