4 Marketing Tactics To Recruit Channel Partners

Many large corporations depend on channel partners to market and sell their products and services. Continuously recruiting new partners is essential to the growth and health of channel partner ecosystems. Identifying those that will be profitable prior to launching your recruiting efforts will make your campaigns more effective. Here we take a look at four marketing tactics to help you recruit new channel partners.

Three Attributes Of An Ideal Channel Partner

Recruiting channel partners can be a time intensive and expensive initiative, making it vital that you onboard only those organizations that have the potential to be a revenue generating partner. Each organization will have their own set of guidelines they can use to develop an ideal partner persona so that recruiting efforts will be more efficient. Here we take a look at three of the most important attributes of an ideal channel partner.

How To Evaluate Your Current Channel Partner Ecosystem

Who is at the top and who is at the bottom when it comes to total revenue and return on investment? This is the bottom line when it comes to evaluating your channel partner ecosystem, but there are several factors that contribute to those results and knowing them can help you to better support your partners as a whole.

5 Steps To Improve The Health Of Your Channel Partner Ecosystem

Developing and maintaining a profitable channel partner ecosystem requires a continuous investment and hands-on support of your partners. As channel leaders look for effective ways to grow their channel, increase revenue and make the recruiting process more efficient, it is important to have a plan that aligns with the goals of your organization as well as your partner’s. Here we’ve broken down five steps channel leaders can take to improve their channel partner ecosystem.

How To Generate More Revenue From Smaller Channel Partners

While many organizations focus the majority of their resources on large channel partners, there is a great deal of opportunity in supporting your smaller partners as well. Helping another organization grow through your product's sales builds loyalty and can improve your channel ecosystem's health. While smaller partners may require more support than larger ones, the payoff can be worth it. Here we take a look at a few ways to help your smaller channel partners generate more revenue.