Explaining Owned, Paid And Earned Content Distribution Channels

Even the greatest piece of content will have little impact if it is not distributed properly. There are a seemingly endless number of distribution channels that can be used to circulate your content. Each one falls under one of three categories; owned, paid and earned. Here we break down the components and uses of each type of content distribution channel.

The Importance Of Data Quality In Marketing And Sales

Automation platforms, social media, paid advertising, the cloud and countless other new technologies have driven marketers to rely heavily on large amounts of data. Finding quality data to purchase and keeping your own records up to date is a significant challenge. Employees change jobs, companies go under or rebrand. These are just a few reasons it’s important research those you’re purchasing lists from, audit the data and keep close track of your return on investment.

3 Ways Digital Marketing Will Change Over The Next Year

The digital world has become flooded over the past few months, causing many marketers to adjust their messaging, budgets and strategies to align with the current landscape. The next year is likely to bring even more changes, with digital tactics becoming the focus of marketing leaders across the globe. Here we outline three ways we expect digital marketing will evolve over the next year.

How To Establish Your Brand’s Identity

Brand awareness is an essential piece of an overall marketing strategy. Before you can begin to build a brand, you first need to determine your identity. What do you want to be known for? How do you want the public to perceive you? Which social and charitable initiatives will you support?  Which ones will you avoid? These and several other questions need to be answered before launching awareness campaigns. Here are a few other things to consider.

Resource Guide For Digital Marketing Planning And Implementation

Whether you’re new to digital marketing, or just looking for some new ideas, these resources are for you. We cover a wide variety of marketing topics in our company blog and have assembled a few of our most helpful articles to support the planning and implementation of your digital campaigns.