5 Effective Ways To Promote Content Online

You could write the most helpful, educational, and entertaining piece of content ever created, and it will mean very little without the proper distribution and promotion plan. Researching your ideal buyers to determine where they find their information will help guide you to which channels to publish your work. However, there are some channels that show consistent success and should be a part of any content distribution plan. Here we take a look at five effective ways to promote content online.

Getting Started With Content Marketing

Creating and distributing valuable content is essential in building brand awareness, generating leads, and becoming trusted as a thought-leader in your industry. Quality and consistency are the hallmarks of successful content marketing campaigns, and it takes some key steps to establish that. Here we take a look at how your business can get started with content marketing.

Which KPIs Accurately Measure Content Marketing Success?

Measuring the success of a content marketing campaign can be challenging and involves many different components. Content marketing does so much more than generate leads, making it difficult to truly assess your return on investment. Brand awareness, top-of-the-funnel leads, social media followers, blog subscribers, and brand evangelists are all offshoots of content marketing campaigns. Here we take a look at which KPIs accurately measure content marketing success.

4 Email Workflows To Include In Your Digital Marketing Plan

Email workflows are a key functionality of most marketing automation platforms, but marketers often don’t know how to take full advantage of them. Workflows allow you to craft highly target messages that can be automatically sent based on a particular trigger. This will enable you to nurture leads with less time and fewer resources.

How To Break Into A New Market

Attempting to break into a new market will require a significant investment of time, money, and resources. If your business has hit a point where you're looking to expand, you likely realize the impact a new market could have on revenue. As with many marketing initiatives, the process begins with research and building awareness. Here we take a look at a few simple steps to break into a new market.