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Content Distribution Quick Tips

Distribution is perhaps the most important aspect of a content marketing strategy. You can write an exceptionally educational and entertaining piece, but without proper distribution, no one will ever see it. Many experts recommend spending at least twice as much time distributing content than you do creating it. While this may not be possible for every organization, there are several simple ways to improve your distribution strategy.

Growth Marketing For Tech Start-Ups

Many tech founders spend their time and money developing and perfecting their product with little attention being paid to marketing until it’s too late. Being first to market has little value if no one knows who you are. Building brand awareness prior to launch is of utmost importance for start-ups looking to make an early and lasting impact. Often times a product hits the market with little to no fanfare, a larger company picks up on the idea, produces a similar product backed with robust marketing campaigns and pushes the start-up out of the market. Making yourself known and building an online presence prior to launching your product will ensure your company doesn’t get crushed by larger entities. If people already know who you are, being first to market will carry weight.  Here’s how to do it.

Growth Marketing For The Financial Services Industry

Properly communicating the value of your solutions is essential in an ultra-competitive industry such as financial services. With a litany of online businesses flooding the market, the pressure is on marketing departments to deliver campaigns that stand out and contribute to the growth of an organization. Updating your messaging, improving reporting, and expanding your department to include new team members or outsource partners may be necessary to remain competitive.

Nurturing Leads With A Growth Marketing Mindset

Nurturing leads tends to be an overlooked aspect of B2B marketing despite its effectiveness and relatively inexpensive implementation. Especially with long sales cycles and complex products, marketers and sales teams need to remain patient and persistent with those that are not quite ready to buy. Growing your business requires maintaining a healthy funnel of leads. Here we break down some of the key channels to use for nurturing leads and the different types of campaigns you can run.

Growth Marketing Essentials For Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness plays a major role in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Expanding the reach of your messaging and familiarity with your brand throughout your key verticals will help to drive online conversions and make it easier for your sales people to close deals. Here are five essential growth tactics for improving brand awareness.