The Art Of The Landing Page

Creating the perfect landing page will ensure that you get the leads you want, and your prospects will get the offer they are looking for. Sometimes landing pages can be over complicated and even confusing. This can turn potential leads away before they fill out the information fields or end up requesting information they did not want or need. Making sure that your landing page is set up for success is easy to do with these simple steps:

7 Ways To Keep Your Inner Peace In Today’s Crazy World

As we move into year three of the pandemic, the focus on mental health has become more prominent and more important. With the cost of living on the rise and increased tensions overseas, it can be easy to lose your inner peace. Maintaining a positive mindset is even more vital in times of great discord. Here we take a look at seven ways to keep your inner peace in today's crazy world.

Adding Teleprospecting To Your Marketing Mix

Teleprospecting is a convenient way of reaching out to leads quickly and easily. Ease of contact with the right message will help increase sales and lower your cost per lead. Your marketing mix should combine all of the different aspects that make up your marketing plan.

Coffee’s Role In Marketing Success

How many successful marketers do you know that don't drink coffee? Sure, there are some tea drinkers out there, and the occasional member of the 5 am club who functions on ambition and 5k morning runs alone. But let's be real, coffee is, was, and always will be the lifeblood of the marketing industry. Here we take a look at coffee's role in marketing success.

10 Steps To Become A Better B2B Marketer

The marketing industry evolves rapidly, and the recent pandemic has only sped up that evolution. In addition to new technologies, the way we approach campaigns and potential customers have seen a dramatic shift over the last few years. Most marketing campaigns are now customer-focused versus product-focused, which is the way it should and has to be. Ensuring that your campaigns are up to date and set up for success requires you as an individual and your team to keep your skills sharp. Here we take a look at ten steps to become a better B2B marketer.