Maintaining A Positive Productive Marketing Mindset

Taking creative energy and funneling it into campaigns is what marketing is all about. The last year and a half of work from home and lockdown has been challenging for many marketers who draw their inspiration from interactions with colleagues and the general energy of the office environment. But let's face it, even when we were all in the office, there were still times when it was tough to get the juices flowing. Finding ways to maintain a creative mindset is essential in order to continually create campaigns that have an impact on your audience. Here we take a look at five ways to help maintain a positive, productive marketing mindset.

7 Tips For Getting Over Fear Of Rejection In Sales

Rejection is a major part of sales, and learning how to both deal with it and eliminate the fear of it will be a determining factor in the amount of success you have. The fear of rejection can be crippling and cause you to lose opportunities. Here we take a look at seven ways to overcome the fear of rejection.

When Is The Right Time To Follow Up?

Nothing happens without the follow-up. Whether you’re speaking with a prospect, client, or coworker, following up is essential in moving toward your desired outcome. Here we take a look at the many triggers that warrant following up with a prospect.

10 Fourth Of July Fun Facts

Happy Independence Day from Winn Technology Group. Here are some fun facts to help you celebrate the Fourth of July! Stay safe and enjoy!

10 Father’s Day Fun Facts

It’s almost time to celebrate all the dads out there with Father’s Day right around the corner. This has been a particularly difficult year and a half, and with the world beginning to open up again, it may be a good idea to schedule a day out with dear old dad. Father’s Day is steeped in tradition. Here we take a look at then Father’s Day fun facts.