4 Reasons To Use The Telephone In Your Marketing

The telephone has long been an integral tool for marketing, even if its uses have changed a bit. Cold calling can still be effective at times, but teleprospecting is best used in conjunction with other marketing tactics. It can be blended in with various strategies and comes with some advantages that simply can’t be found through digital means alone. Here we take a look at four reasons to use the telephone in your marketing.

4 Reasons Teleprospecting Is Still A Vital Marketing Tool

While digital channels have become the go-to for many marketers, there is no substitution for a live touch over the telephone. Networking through an organization can help you gain valuable business intelligence, and speaking with someone live goes a lot further in building a relationship than email ever will be. Here we take a look at four reasons teleprospecting is still important.

The Importance Of Data Quality In Marketing And Sales

Automation platforms, social media, paid advertising, the cloud and countless other new technologies have driven marketers to rely heavily on large amounts of data. Finding quality data to purchase and keeping your own records up to date is a significant challenge. Employees change jobs, companies go under or rebrand. These are just a few reasons it’s important research those you’re purchasing lists from, audit the data and keep close track of your return on investment.

5 Essential Prospecting Techniques For B2B Salespeople

Gone are the days of the slick, smooth talking salesperson. Today’s sales pipelines are built on trust, providing value and building relationships. With long sales cycles and multiple decision makers, B2B sales requires developing a certain level of trust. Here are five techniques that can be used to make this happen.

How Teleprospecting Fits Into A Growth Marketing Strategy

Growth marketing requires using a variety of different channels to communicate with your prospects. Teleprospecting doesn’t play quite the role in campaigns as it did in the past, but there are still some essential facets that only a well-orchestrated telephone campaign can produce.