How Channel Leaders Can Establish An Ecosystem Mindset

Posted by Michael Auer on Jul 19, 2021 8:12:19 AM

How Channel Leaders Can Establish An Ecosystem MindsetThe health of channel ecosystems is now a focal point of channel leaders, with the idea of taking a more hands-on approach at supporting partners becoming a much-needed reality. Relying on just a few partners to generate revenue is no longer a sustainable approach. Each partner needs to be invested in and guided to the point of profitability for the channel model to be successful. Establishing an ecosystem mindset built around the idea of holistic success takes a concerted effort on behalf of channel leaders to develop their partners.

Promote Teamwork And Collaboration

It’s important to establish the idea that partners are not in direct competition with each other as each one has a unique selling point. No one company can develop the entire tech stack. Getting partners to collaborate and share both ideas and materials can significantly accelerate channel revenue. A partner portal and periodic partner conferences can help build relationships within your ecosystem and encourage knowledge sharing.

Create Unique Selling Points With Each Partner

Every partner is going to have something that differentiates them from the competition. Leveraging those factors to create unique value propositions and marketing campaigns will help them to stand out. Working closely with them to develop messaging that highlights how these differences make them the right choice for their prospects requires channel leaders to lend their expertise to the sales and marketing teams.

Provide Training And Continued Coaching

No one knows your products better than you and your team, so providing in-depth training when onboarding a partner and continued coaching throughout the relationship is a must. Product demonstrations and one-on-one sales and marketing training can make a tremendous difference in your partner’s ability to sell. This type of upfront and continued support will keep partners engaged and arm them with the knowledge needed to drive revenue.

Support And Direct Partner Marketing Efforts

Dedicating resources to marketing your products can be difficult for partners as budget and bandwidth can be limiting factors. Providing marketing materials, co-branded content, packaged campaigns, approved marketing partners, and MDFs can greatly enhance their efforts and take pressure off of their internal team. This will ensure consistent messaging across all channels and motivate your partners to focus on selling your products.

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