4 Aspects Of Successful Multi-Channel Account-Based Marketing Programs

Posted by Michael Auer on Jul 13, 2020 9:24:11 AM

4 Aspects Of Successful Multi-Channel Account-Based Marketing ProgramsAccount-based marketing programs have proven to show tremendous ROI when used in conjunction with a multi-channel approach. Focusing on your most desired accounts with tailored messaging through a variety of channels can help you gain traction where it matters most. Here we take a look at four aspects of successful multi-channel ABM programs.

Client Centric And Insightful Messaging

The primary idea behind account-based marketing is to refine your target audience down to the accounts with the most revenue potential for both the short and long term and build messaging that speaks directly to those prospects. Identifying the key pain points to speak on will require a great deal of research, both online and over the telephone. What you find online can be used in the formation of call guides, blogs, premium content and email campaigns. Teleprospecting efforts can unveil important business intelligence far beyond what you’ll find online. This information can be used to identify key decision makers and refine your messaging as your campaigns move along. Find out what matters to your prospects and tailor your content accordingly.

Strong Alignment Between Marketing And Sales

Sales and marketing alignment has been a hot topic for years and continues to be key in gaining truly qualified leads. Since account-based programs focus on multiple levels of an organization and utilize a variety of different outreach tactics, keeping on the same page can be difficult. As with any business function, clear and consistent communication will be imperative to the success of your campaigns. Technology that allows you to segment your audience and alter the messaging dynamically can help to ensure your prospects are receiving the right message, on the right platform, at the right time.

Focused On Building Relationships, Gaining Intelligence And Driving Revenue

The very nature of ABM is in focusing on the individual. This makes building relationships at all levels of the organization and essential piece of any ABM program. Insights on company needs, interests and pain points as well as identifying key decision makers, budgets and sales cycles are just some of the important business intelligence that can be gain through these campaigns.  Revenue, of course, is the primary goal of any marketing initiative. ABM campaigns should be geared toward accounts that represent significant revenue potential as well as a good fit for your solution. This is why ABM campaigns are so successful. Everything is personalized and focused on the individual.

Tailored Multi-Channel Campaigns

The channels that you use for your ABM campaigns will depend on your audience. Finding out your target’s preferred platforms and methods of communication will help determine which channels to focus on. This may include leveraging a particular social media platform, industry newsletter, email communication, teleprospecting or online events. The channels used will change as your prospects move through the funnel and as you analyze your campaigns for the effectiveness of each one. A high-level example of a multi-channel account-based campaign for the tech industry may include an email blast, teleprospecting, email nurturing, an eBook, LinkedIn Ads and a banner ad on a tech newsletter. These can all be used together to build awareness, develop relationships, drive leads, close deals and create loyal customers.

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