How B2B Organizations Are Using Content Marketing

Posted by Michael Auer on Sep 8, 2021 11:15:55 AM

How B2B Organizations Are Using Content MarketingContent marketing has a variety of different uses and can bring about positive results when your campaigns are designed to reach specific goals. Your initiatives will determine which types of content you will use and how you will distribute them. Here we look at a few of the key ways B2B organizations are using content marketing today.

Brand Awareness

Building awareness involves humanizing your brand and showcasing your values. Blog articles, social media posts, and videos that talk about your mission, company culture, the causes you support, and any community or charitable work you do can go a long way toward improving your brand's image. You'll also want to show off your expertise within your industry with thought-leadership pieces that establish you as an authority in your line of business. Talk about what's trending and what is to come in the future while highlighting how your business will be a part of the continued growth of your industry.

Demand And Leads

Generating demand and leads can be done by creating content focused on educating your audience on the value and uses of your products and services. This should include blog articles, product demo videos, webinars, email, and social media posts that put your products on display without being overly promotional. Talk about how a particular product solves a key pain point typically experienced by your target audience. These pieces should contain a call to action that leads to a gated premium offer. This could be an eBook, whitepaper, demo offer, or a free consultation. Something valuable enough where a prospect will give their contact info.

Lead Nurturing

When doing business in the B2B realm, there can be extremely lengthy sales cycles. This may be due to budget allotments or multiple decision-makers. This makes nurturing leads a key element in any marketing strategy. Email workflows and direct social media messages can be used to drip feed top of the funnel prospects additional information on your company and its products. These should all be personalized and contain links to offers that will move them further down the funnel. Case studies and product demos should be offered to those who indicate they are getting ready to make a purchase decision.

Customer Loyalty

Keeping your customers happy should be a top priority at your organization. Sending emails to your clients for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays can help strengthen your relationships. Email newsletters are also very effective in keeping your business at the top of their minds while introducing them to new products and services. Communication should not stop once somebody becomes a customer. You've spent the time building that relationship and have established the trust necessary to close a deal. Continue to feed them helpful content and educate them on the value of your other products and services.

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