Tips For Creating A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email is still a significant component of many marketing plans, and rightfully so. With the correct list and a refined strategy, email offers the opportunity to reach a large audience with targeted messaging in a place they are likely to check multiple times per day. We could write an entire article on subject lines, and we did. You can check it out here. In this article, we cover six additional tips for email marketing success.

Support Your Channel Partners With These 3 Micro-Digital Marketing Campaigns

Supporting your channel partners in their marketing efforts is vital to generating revenue and ensuring they are focused on selling your products. Providing market development funds and a list of approved marketing vendors is an essential first step. Still, pre-structured campaigns and the content needed to implement them will guarantee consistent messaging and help solve the bandwidth issues that often plague channel partners. Here we outline three different micro-digital marketing campaigns that can be used to support your channel community.

7 Step Inbound Marketing Strategy

Have you found yourself looking into a process for finding more potential customers, but are struggling to find a plan? Inbound marketing is the process of helping to get potential customers for your company, and this process usually tends to happen before the customer is ready to purchase.  Some types of inbound marketing include blogs, social media campaigns, eBooks, webinars, and viral videos. Here is a generalized process that can help your company develop a strategy for inbound marketing.

Increase Your Website Traffic With Social Media

Driving website traffic is near the top of most of our lists when it comes to social media marketing goals. Establishing a social media following takes work but can provide a host of benefits for your business. There is tremendous value in developing an extensive network of prospects, clients, influencers, and friends. Gaining followers, creating engagement and building awareness all come from consistently posting quality content, but there is more to it than content creation. Here we take a look at ways to increase website traffic with social media.

5 Teleprospecting Best Practices

Teleprospecting has become more difficult these days with so many avenues for people to find their information and so many people fighting for a prospects time. With this in mind, it’s important that your teleprospecting efforts are optimized to get the most out of your campaigns. There are steps you can take to give your teleprospecting campaign its best chance for success. Below we’ve compiled five best practices to implement within your campaign.