How To Achieve Work-Life Balance During A Pandemic

Many marketers were struggling to achieve work-life balance prior to the pandemic, and while spending more time at home has helped in many cases, some of us are still trying to find ways to separate the two. Scheduling activities, looking after your health, and learning new things will all have a positive impact on both your work and personal life. Here we take a look at a few ways to achieve work-life balance during a pandemic.

Using Account Based Marketing To Reach Your Entire Sales Territory

Account-based marketing is one of the most efficient way of breaking through to highly targeted companies and contacts that are usually a little out of reach. Rather than casting a wide net across a particular industry or vertical, account-based marketing is a strategy best used on a small subset of your most desirable accounts. When you narrow your focus, you will be able to put more effort into the prospects you really want. Here we present a high-level overview of how to organize and implement your efforts.

How To Differentiate Your B2B Brand

Branding is all about establishing your identity, showing your value and differentiating yourself from the competition. Most brands have a list of differentiators for their different products and services, but what makes your BRAND different? What sets you apart and makes you appealing on a more personal level? Here we dive into several ways to differentiate your B2B brand.

Building A More Effective Marketing Department

Remaining productive over these last few months has been challenging. Finding alternatives to live events, remaining in steady communication, collaborating on projects and adjusting our daily personal routines are just a few of the challenges we’ve all had to deal with. 

4 Ways To Enhance Your Company's Video Content

The digital marketing arena has opened up doors of possibilities that are relatively new and create some unique obstacles but is something that, if refined, can be a marketing multiplier. Knowing how to create the right content will propel your business and make sure it packs a full punch when delivered to your targeted audience and potential customer. Here are a few tips that will help strengthen your company’s video content.