How To Use LinkedIn Ads Effectively

Posted by Michael Auer on Oct 22, 2021 8:48:36 AM

How To Use LinkedIn Ads EffectivelyLinkedIn ads can be highly effective in building brand awareness and generating leads, but there is a great deal of strategy involved in developing a truly successful campaign. B2B sales requires you to make multiple touches, to multiple decision-makers, through various channels. With its business first design and granular targeting, LinkedIn ads can help you reach more of your target audience with content and offers that fit their needs. Here we take a look at how to use LinkedIn ads effectively.

Align Your Ad Copy With Your Offer

Not only does your ad copy need to spark the interest of your prospects, but it also needs to clearly and accurately communicate what can be expected by clicking on it. If it’s a content download, make sure that you include language that implies that. If they are setting up a demo or consultation, let them know exactly what to expect. If your copy doesn’t align with your offer, you’ll end up getting clicks from uninterested parties and hurting your credibility.

Use Them In Conjunction With Other Tactics

LinkedIn advertising is best used as part of an overall marketing plan that involves multiple channels and tactics. Leads generated through online forms typically need further qualification either through email or telephone and not every ad should lead to a lead gen form. Using LinkedIn to build awareness and implementing other tactics to generate leads within the same audience can be more effective.

Create Multiple Ads For Each Campaign

LinkedIn will only show the same ad once every three days to a prospect, so you want to have at least four ads running on each campaign. These should lead to various offers, including eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, blogs, demos, and consultations. This will help you appeal to each stage of the funnel and give your prospects exactly what they’re looking for. Providing value and gaining visibility is a primary goal, and multiple ads will help you get there.

Use Different Types Of Ads Concurrently

LinkedIn offers a variety of different types of ads to choose from, including video, image, text, sponsored content, and InMail. Each campaign only allows you to use one ad format, so you’ll need to run multiple campaigns at once to be able to leverage different types of media. Every prospect has their own preferences for the kind of content they like to consume, and chances are your target audience varies significantly in this regard.

Allocate Adequate Budget And Time Frame

As with any other marketing tactic, LinkedIn advertising can take a bit of time to become truly effective and requires an adequate budget to reach enough of your target audience enough times. As a general rule, you should let your campaigns run for at least 3 months, pausing your lowest-performing ad every two weeks. You’ll want to allocate between 3-5k each month, depending on the size of your target audience.

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