Organic And Paid LinkedIn Quick Tips

Posted by Michael Auer on Dec 7, 2021 11:20:40 AM

Organic And Paid LinkedIn Quick TipsLinkedIn can be a valuable platform for B2B marketers if used correctly. It presents the greatest opportunity for these types of organizations to reach their target audience via social media. Here we look at a few quick tips for both organic and paid LinkedIn initiatives.

Which Types Of Organic Posts Have The Best Reach

Believe it or not, simple is better when it comes to posting on LinkedIn. Posts that are text-only tend to have the most immediate reach, followed by text with an image, video, and coming in a distant last place are posts with links. Anything that will take someone away from the platform will be penalized heavily by the algorithm.

Put Your Links In The Comment Section

If your post does require adding a link, you are best served by including it in the first comment on your post. While this may seem cumbersome, your posts will have nearly ten times the initial reach if you place the link in the comment section versus the body of your post. Be sure to direct your followers to the link in the comments within your post.

Ask For Comments

Shares and likes are great and can help improve your reach, but they pale in comparison to the value of comments. Find ways to solicit feedback from your audience and tag influential people in relevant content. When someone does comment on your post, be sure to react to the comment and include a reply to keep the conversation going.

Advertise To High Lifetime Value Prospects

The LinkedIn advertising platform is second to none for online B2B advertising. With its business first set up and granular targeting, there really is no better option. The only downfall is that it is costly compared with other platforms. The typical cost per click can range between $6-$9, meaning your prospect's lifetime value should be a minimum of 10-15k.

Complement Ads With Email And Teleprospecting

Using a variety of channels is advisable in any marketing initiative. Complementing your advertisements with email will bring greater visibility to your business and provide another avenue to capture leads and business intelligence. Teleprospecting efforts provide the much-needed live touch and help to qualify digital leads.

Refine Your Target Audience

One of the best features of LinkedIn's advertising platform is the available granular targeting. There are dozens of different categories to use to refine your audience, and you should use them to your full advantage. You also have the ability to upload lists of contacts or companies to include in your campaigns.

Your Offer Is The Most Important Ingredient

In order to gain real traction and generate conversions with your ads, you need to have something valuable to offer. This could be a piece of premium content, free service, a free demo unit, or anything else that would truly interest your target audience. While your audience and messaging will impact, real success hinges on your offer.

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