Tech Industry Lead Generation Tactics: Part One

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 16, 2017 10:44:36 AM

Tech Industry Lead Generation Tactics: Part OneLead generation campaigns have changed dramatically over the years due to the rapid digital transformation. However, there are some time-tested tactics that can generate a higher quality lead. Utilizing a multi-channel marketing approach doesn’t necessarily mean using every channel in one campaign. There are certain tactics that work well together. Here is a base example of how to develop a lead generation campaign based on email, response handling and teleprospecting.

Target Company Profiles

You’ll want to search company profiles to find those that best fit your buyer persona. Once you’ve identified them as someone that could benefit from your services you’ll want to dig into their website further to see which solutions would best fit their needs.

Create A Company Lead List

Manual research and tools such as lead grabber will help you assemble a preliminary contact list for each of your target companies. You’ll also want to include any inbound leads you’ve acquired that fit your target persona. Identify job titles to help you determine the chain of command and what type of decision making power each contact may have.

Decision Maker Research

Once you have identified your key decision makers you’ll want to research them individually to see what type of job responsibilities they have and the best way to contact them. This type of research can be done by scanning social media accounts and employee profiles on their company website.  

Design Your Pitch

When designing your phone messaging you’ll want to focus on a specific offer with the end game being an appointment with a salesperson. Make your pitch concise and conversational. Include a line of questions that will help uncover their needs, determine if they are an ideal client, what their timeframe is for a solution, their decision making power and their budget.


  • Email: Develop an email that can be sent to your entire contact database to identify those that have an immediate interest. Any clicks and opens should be prioritized when your calling campaign begins. You’ll also want to create a more detailed email piece to send those you contact that are not ready to set an appointment.
  • Response Handling: Be prepared for responses to your email and have flexible talking points that allow you to acknowledge their interest. Have a knowledge base assembled prior to your email blast so your representatives have additional information at hand to use as conversations allow. While the end goal is to set an appointment, be sure to take careful note of anything that points to a specific need or interest.
  • Teleprospecting: When you begin calling start with those that have clicked or opened your email. Be sure your callers properly identify themselves and your company and reference that fact. If they are not the decision maker your callers will want to ask for referrals to those that are. Networking through a company is essential to finding the correct contact. Your callers should be familiar with the products they are pitching so they can answer basic questions. Any that are too technical is a sign you should offer them an appointment with a sales rep. Your call guide should be designed to qualify them and lead them into setting an appointment. Send calendar invites to confirm any appointments that are set.
  • Nurturing Workflow: Set up an email workflow that periodically sends out nurturing emails containing educational content. This will keep you at the top of their mind and determine what types of solutions they may have a need for or interest in.

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