Teleprospecting’s Role In Multi-Channel Marketing

Posted by Michael Auer on Jun 15, 2017 10:18:36 AM

Teleprospecting’s Role In Multi-Channel MarketingIn today’s ultra-competitive landscape there is no single marketing tactic that will ensure the success of your campaign.  Utilizing a multi-channel marketing approach gives you the best chance to reach your target audience.  Teleprospecting is as old school as marketing gets, but the telephone is still an essential tool that can be used at all stages of the funnel.  Customer-centric business models are becoming the norm and have made the live touch more important than ever.  Here we’ve outlined the different areas where teleprospecting should be infused into your marketing plan.

Contact Discovery

Finding the correct person to talk to within a target organization can be extremely difficult and often times the only way to locate the correct contact is to reach out to them via phone.  There are a seemingly infinite number of job titles and functions these days.  Networking through a company can provide you with the referrals that best fit your solution and narrow down who is permitted to make a decision.

Lead Qualification

Blog, email and social media subscribers as well as those that download premium content will greatly enhance your contact database.  However, when it comes to producing a truly qualified lead it is essential to utilize teleprospecting and a live touch.  This will help build rapport with your target, gain valuable insights and warm them up for your sales team.

Appointment Setting

Appointments that are set during a live conversation are far more likely to hold than those created through the inbound process.  When someone commits over the phone you have the ability to request a calendar invite immediately to further cement the appointment.  A live conversation also allows you to identify the subject matter your prospect would like to cover during a meeting with your sales team.  The additional information captured provides sales the ability to streamline their pitch and be prepared with well thought out answers to the prospect’s biggest questions.

Lead Nurturing

Email tends to dominate when it comes to lead nurturing as much of the process can now be automated.  Picking up the phone to reestablish a connection with older prospects can help your company stand out.  With so many options for customers to turn to, and so many avenues for them to find solutions, it’s important to keep your product or services in the front of their minds.  There are many different types of lead nurturing campaigns, all of which help to guide prospects through the sales cycle.  Teleprospecting leaves an impression and can enhance the effectiveness of your lead nurturing campaigns.

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