4 Critical Functions Of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot And SharpSpring have proven their worth and have become an absolutely essential component of digital marketing. Automation platforms have a wide variety of tools and functionality to fit nearly any marketing plan, but there are some critical features that make them integral to modern digital campaigns.

5 Content Marketing Skills To Learn In 2021

As the world continues to migrate toward digital channels, marketers need to up their skill level in a variety of areas in order to keep up. While it may not be possible to become an expert at everything, there are several skills that have become essential for marketers at all levels of the org chart. Content marketing relies heavily on communication skills, whether written or spoken, as well as a variety of technical skills to create content that attracts prospects. Here we take a look at five content marketing skills we should all focus on in 2021.

What Should You Post To Your Company Blog?

As content marketing becomes more essential to the growth and development of organizations, it is important to keep your posts fresh with a variety of different media and subject matter. Simply posting written articles that talk about your products and services is not content marketing. Here we take a look at what to post to your company blog.

Improving Content Quality With A Team Approach

While many creatives prefer to work alone, there are a myriad of benefits in taking a team approach to content creation. Different types of expertise and varying perspectives allow you to create higher quality content that will speak to a broader audience. Depending on your team's size, the division of responsibilities will vary, and many people may have to wear multiple hats. There are however certain positions that require a dedicated expert. Here we take a look at how to improve the quality of your content with a team approach.

How To Create A Library Of Premium Content For Your B2B Organization

Premium content such as eBooks, whitepapers and case studies all help to move prospects closer to making a purchase decision. This type of content and subject matter can give you valuable insights into what a prospect is interested in as well as their stage in the buying cycle. Quality educational content can also help your organization stand out as a thought leader in your industry. Here we take a look at how to create a library of premium content for your B2B organization.