5 Content Marketing Skills To Learn In 2021

Posted by Michael Auer on Mar 12, 2021 10:38:26 AM

tablet-5628298_640As the world continues to migrate toward digital channels, marketers need to up their skill level in a variety of areas in order to keep up. While it may not be possible to become an expert at everything, there are several skills that have become essential for marketers at all levels of the org chart. Content marketing relies heavily on communication skills, whether written or spoken, as well as a variety of technical skills to create content that attracts prospects. Here we take a look at five content marketing skills we should all focus on in 2021.

Graphic Design

The ability to make your blogs, emails and infographics stand out relies heavily on the visual components included within them. While your company may have a dedicated graphic designer, there are many instances when you’ll need to rely on your own skills to complete a particular piece. Getting to know basic software and principles of design can greatly enhance your content, as well as your value to your company.

Website Design

Websites need to be consistently updated and overhauled every few years in order to maintain a fresh and modern design. Having the skills needed to update copy, images and other aspects of your website without having to rely on a designer for every minor detail improves efficiency and can help you get the end results you’re looking for. It will also help you to identify technical issues and any other shortcomings of your website.

Public Speaking

While there are not a whole lot of live events going on these days, there is still an opportunity to work on your public speaking skills. All of these online meetings we’re having are a perfect platform to sharpen your communication skills and get more comfortable speaking in front of peers and prospects. In-person events will return eventually, and being a guest speaker at even minor conferences can bring a great deal of awareness to your brand.


Copywriting is a needed skill for marketers in every position. Whether you’re writing an email, advertising copy, a blog or a press release, you need to be able to clearly communicate your ideas in a concise, interesting and professional manner. Using tools like Grammarly can help you to improve your linguistic skills and ensure what you’re putting out comes across the way you intended.

Video Production

Video has taken over the majority of social channels and has become an essential tool for marketers. Having enough acumen to create short videos to promote your products, services and written content can help you to greatly enhance your social media presence. While not every video needs to be a Hollywood production, knowing enough to make your videos come across entertaining, educational and professional can make a world of difference.

Sharpening your skills as a marketer is always going to be a necessity, but even the savviest marketing teams require additional resources from time to time. Contact us today to leverage Winn’s 30 years of technology marketing experience.


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