Improving Content Quality With A Team Approach

Posted by Michael Auer on Feb 3, 2021 8:18:22 AM

Improving Content Quality With A Team ApproachWhile many creatives prefer to work alone, there are a myriad of benefits in taking a team approach to content creation. Different types of expertise and varying perspectives allow you to create higher quality content that will speak to a broader audience. Depending on your team's size, the division of responsibilities will vary, and many people may have to wear multiple hats. There are however certain positions that require a dedicated expert. Here we take a look at how to improve the quality of your content with a team approach.

Schedule Weekly Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming titles and concepts is the first step you should take when entering the collaborative content creation process. This helps writers gain perspective on the purpose of a piece of content and provides guidelines for each piece. These sessions will help you to form campaigns around key topics and ensure consistent messaging. Writer’s block is a very real thing, and having a team to brainstorm with can get the creative juices flowing again.

Choose A Dedicated Editor

Some of the most creative writers the world has seen were terrible editors, lacking in spelling and grammar, but possessed imaginative and innovative linguistic skills. Even if a writer is well versed grammatically, it can be tough to catch inaccuracies in your own writing. Choosing a meticulous team member to handle the final edits will help keep your content pieces clean, comprehendible and grammatically correct.

Hire Visual Content Creators

Graphics, images and video all require a completely different skill-set from that of a writer. A tremendous amount of education and practice go into mastering these art forms and having a dedicated team to handle it is a good idea. Videos in particular require such a wide array of skills that it is impossible for one person to master them all. Your visual content team should work hand in hand with your writers to best articulate your brand message.

Diversify Your Writing Team

Having only one voice in your content creation can make things stale and may prevent you from reaching certain niche audiences. Different cultural backgrounds, education and life experiences all contribute to different perspectives and having a diverse set of contributors will help keep your content fresh and exciting.

Seek Out Expert Advice Internally

Your creative team may not have the same level of expertise in your industry as a CEO or director may have. While they may be great researchers, there is no substitute for real world experience. Seeking out input from those at the executive level within your company can provide polish to your work and help you create something that is truly thought leadership.

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