How To Use Teleprospecting In 2018

Technology has changed the world of marketing perhaps more than any other industry.  Methods such as blogging, social media marketing and search engine marketing dominate the headlines and command the greatest percentage of marketing budgets.  However, teleprospecting continues to hold value when used properly.

Integrating Teleprospecting And Inbound Marketing

Most B2B organizations have either already adopted an inbound marketing strategy or are looking to do so.  Traditional marketing tactics such as teleprospecting may seem like they’re on their way out, but that is not the case.  Traditional outbound strategies are now being blended with inbound marketing to enhance campaigns and increase lead quality.

7 Ways To Boost Employee Morale In Your Call Center

Whether you own, manage or dial at a call center, each person within this unique atmosphere contributes to employee morale and the overall company culture. Much like a family, call centers endure conflict, attrition and financial issues. Call centers also embody a microcosm of everyday society. Much like family, and of course society, improving employee moral and cultivating a healthy company culture takes work. So what are the steps to take to get there?

Where Is Teleprospecting In 2018?

Teleprospecting’s role in marketing campaigns has evolved in recent years with marketing automation platforms and social media transforming how we reach our audience. Although it may not be as prevalent as 20 years ago, teleprospecting still plays a major part in the development of relationships, qualifying leads, recruiting and closing deals. The live touch will never truly go away as long as humans are the ones making the decision. Here we’ve outlined where teleprospecting will be best used in 2018.

How And Why To Qualify Inbound Marketing Leads

How And Why To Qualify Inbound Marketing LeadsMarketing automation systems shine when it comes to identifying interested prospects, but a personal approach is the best way to convert leads generated by inbound marketing campaigns. Sales teams rarely have the bandwidth to manage the number of leads generated from marketing automation and at times these leads will be very early in the buying process. What’s the solution when there are “too many leads” and not enough resources to properly nurture them? Surprisingly, it’s a marketing tool that predates marketing automation by decades: teleprospecting.