Where Is Teleprospecting In 2018?

Posted by Michael Auer on Nov 27, 2017 11:17:24 AM

Where Is Teleprospecting In 2018?Teleprospecting’s role in marketing campaigns has evolved in recent years with marketing automation platforms and social media transforming how we reach our audience. Although it may not be as prevalent as 20 years ago, teleprospecting still plays a major part in the development of relationships, qualifying leads, recruiting and closing deals. The live touch will never truly go away as long as humans are the ones making the decision. Here we’ve outlined where teleprospecting will be best used in 2018.

Inbound Lead Qualification

Blog, email and social media subscribers as well as those that download premium content will greatly enhance your contact database. However, when it comes to producing a truly qualified lead it is essential to utilize teleprospecting and a live touch. This will help build rapport with your target, gain valuable insights and warm them up for your sales team. Distributing content through digital channels means you will have leads that do not fit your buyer persona. Vetting your inbound leads through teleprospecting improves the quality of the leads you pass to your sales department.

Channel Partner Recruitment

After you’ve identified and gathered information on your target partners, it’s time start actively recruiting them. Teleprospecting plays a key role in the recruitment of prospects for your channel. Although a lot of information can be found through your initial online research, more specific questions that are company centric are necessary to determine quality partners. Reaching decision makers within a target company can be difficult and time consuming. This is a task better suited for a marketing team so that recruiting will only be dealing with warm leads. Well-developed qualifying questions and appointment setting will ensure your recruitment team is speaking with truly qualified prospects.

Decision Maker Appointment Setting

Appointments that are set during a live conversation are far more likely to hold than those created through the inbound process. When someone commits over the phone you have the ability to send a calendar invite immediately to further cement the appointment. A live conversation also allows you to identify the subject matter your prospect would like to cover during a meeting with your sales team. The additional information captured provides sales the ability to streamline their pitch and be prepared with well thought out answers to the prospect’s biggest questions.

Event Registration

Contracting a reputable telemarketing firm to reach out to your target audience can provide you with high quality event attendees that fit your buyer personal. Registrations gained through teleprospecting efforts are very likely to follow through on attending your event due to the live touch they’ve received. These campaigns also allow you to network through companies to find your target decision makers.

Fintech Vendor Recruitment

Many financial organizations have turned to payment management platforms that allow them to transact with vendors in an organized and uniform way. Transitions such as these that involve sensitive financial information require trust and the personal touch that can only be achieved through live conversation. Email and other digital means compliment these campaigns greatly, but their success will continue to hinge on teleprospecting.

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