What Woodstock Taught Us About Event Marketing

On August 15th 1969 over 400,000 people came together in the town of Bethel, New York for a monumental gathering that brought exposure to an entire culture.  The ultimate in marketing events known as Woodstock not only promoted the ideals of those involved; it showcased a significant springboard for nearly every act involved.  Whether it’s for a live event or a webinar audience acquisition is a top marketing priority.  With that in mind the question is; how did they do it?

The New World Of Demand Generation

A recent study performed by the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 85% of B2B marketers rank lead generation as their primary goal of the coming year.  Additional studies done by SiriusDecisions predicted that over 70% of demand generation will come from inbound marketing efforts.  Behaviors of B2B buyers are fluid and despite generalizations they are very personalized.  There are defining characteristics of both inbound and outbound strategies that attract prospects.  Determining your buyer’s preferred methods of research and purchasing will help you decide what strategy will work best for your organization.  Here we’ve outlined the appealing characteristics and statistics of inbound and outbound demand generation to help you choose the best path for your company.

Essential Strategies To Increase Lead Generation

With the advent of digital marketing technology there are many new ways companies can generate leads.  While traditional marketing efforts still hold tremendous value, supplementing those efforts with modern digital tactics can bring about a significant boost to business.  While many companies have already implemented several of these strategies, there are always improvements and additions that can be made.  Here we’ve outlined the importance and best practices for 6 of the top ways to generate leads in today’s market.

Top Online B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Most marketers are familiar with the different strategies one can use to generate leads online.  What’s more important than the different avenues available is how you use them.  These strategies can be used to generate profitable leads but often times they are used improperly and result in spamming potential customers.  Knowing how and when to use the different aspects of digital marketing can help your company significantly improve the effectiveness of its marketing strategy.  Misuse of digital marketing tactics can cause damage to your brand.  Here we’ve outlined the best ways to use some of the top online marketing strategies.

Everyone is a Buyer at Some Point, It’s Just a Matter of When

The sales funnel has long been an important tool in every marketer’s repertoire.  Used as a way to gauge where a prospect is on their path to making a purchase, the sales funnel influences what types of content to distribute to a prospect, how to engage with them, and when to make a live touch.  Hubspot has redefined the sales funnel and coined it as “The Buyer’s Journey”.  Rather than breaking this up into the traditional top, middle and bottom of the funnel, the buyer’s journey is divided into the awareness, consideration and decision stages.  Each stage has unique identifiers and approaches to draw your prospects toward making a purchase.  Lead nurturing has become an essential part of marketing.  With nurtured leads providing higher conversion rates, it’s important to guide prospects through each step of their purchasing decision.  Many prospects place a big emphasis on the relationships they build along their journey to making a purchase.  When using a multi-channel marketing approach, there are a myriad of ways to communicate with potential customers. We’ve outlined below how to identify which stage a prospect is in and how to most effectively market to them.