Essential Strategies To Increase Lead Generation

Posted by Michael Auer on Nov 29, 2016 11:34:01 AM

Essential Strategies To Increase Lead GenerationWith the advent of digital marketing technology there are many new ways companies can generate leads.  While traditional marketing efforts still hold tremendous value, supplementing those efforts with modern digital tactics can bring about a significant boost to business.  While many companies have already implemented several of these strategies, there are always improvements and additions that can be made.  Here we’ve outlined the importance and best practices for 6 of the top ways to generate leads in today’s market.

Consistent Company Blog

If you don’t currently have a company blog now is the time to start one.  Each blog you post adds another indexed page to your website which improves your SEO.  Statistics put forth by Hubspot show that a company that blogs 12-16 times per month will attract 3.5 times the visitors as opposed to those that post 0-4 times monthly.  Each post offers an opportunity to include a call to action that links to a landing page.  Those landing pages are where you can obtain a visitors information in exchange for a piece of premium content, thus generating a lead.

Valuable Content Offers

Premium content is the foundation of inbound marketing lead generation.  Ebooks and whitepapers allow you to showcase your expertise in your industry and offer the value exchange for a website visitor’s information.  These pieces should be largely educational and provide a prospect with a tool to improve their business.  It’s important to create premium content that speaks to people at each stage of the buyer’s journey.  This will help to guide them through the sales funnel and lead them on to the path to conversion.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your website content and build brand awareness.  Each blog you post to your website should be posted to your social pages.  Having employees join industry relevant groups and share your content in those groups will help increase your reach.  It’s important to employee the 80/20 rule and share industry articles so your social channels don’t come off as overly promotional.  Social media also offers a great opportunity to network and build relationships with influencers and prospects. 

Account Based Marketing Campaigns

Account based marketing tactics can be used as a supplement to a focused marketing approach.  Choosing a finite set of target companies to focus your marketing efforts can provide you with a substantial return on investment.  The first step is to identify which companies to target.  These should be the prospects that offer your biggest revenue opportunities.  Once you’ve decide who to target, the next step is deciding how to approach them.  A multi-channel marketing effort that includes inbound and outbound tactics will give you your best chance at success.  Personalization in all aspects is a key.  Creating company centric website pages, email campaigns, teleprospecting scripts, landing pages and content offers will help to get the attention of your target.


Many companies lack the bandwidth to carry out a full scale lead generation campaign.  Finding a trusted partner to cultivate and implement can be invaluable.  Winn Technology Group has developed and executed lead generation campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world.  With over 26 years of experience, Winn Technology Group offers services to manage all of your lead generation needs.


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