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Thanksgiving History And Fun Facts For 2022

Happy Thanksgiving from Winn Technology Group. There is quite a bit of history associated with Thanksgiving and also a lot of unknowns. Regardless of how it started and where it is a day in which we are to give thanks for everything we have in our lives and be with family. Here we look at a bit of the history and some fun facts about Thanksgiving.

How To implement A Comprehensive Channel Partner Recruiting Program

The two major components in recruiting profitable channel partners include a comprehensive outreach plan and the aspects of the partner program itself. In order to successfully recruit the right channel partners, both of these components need to be well-organized and appeal to your ideal partner organization. Here we look at the most important aspects of a partner program and the most effective tactics to use in recruiting efforts.

7 Ways To Keep Your Inner Peace In Today’s Crazy World

As we move into year three of the pandemic, the focus on mental health has become more prominent and more important. With the cost of living on the rise and increased tensions overseas, it can be easy to lose your inner peace. Maintaining a positive mindset is even more vital in times of great discord. Here we take a look at seven ways to keep your inner peace in today's crazy world.

5 Keys To A Successful Micro Event

With many major events going virtual and webinars becoming increasingly popular, in-person events have become all the more intriguing. Micro events are small in-person gatherings that bring together a highly refined audience in an intimate setting geared toward building relationships and trust. These events have the potential to bring about a great return on investment due to the lower cost to put them, along with cutting out some of the noise associated with larger events.

In-Person Events Are Back, And They Are Well Worth The Cost Of Admission

After two years of most major events going virtual, we are finally starting to see a spike in in-person events happening across the country, especially in our home state of Florida. The value of face-to-face meetings has certainly not diminished, and you could argue they have actually become even more effective. The majority of us have spent a great deal of time working at home and only interacting with prospects and customers via Zoom meetings. This only heightens the impact of engaging with someone in person. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to get back to a bit of normalcy, and live events are certainly a gateway toward doing so.