10 Key Members Of An Effective Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing has taken on an even greater importance for B2B organizations in 2020, and it appears that trend will continue into the foreseeable future. While most companies have some semblance of a marketing team, many either lack, or are unfamiliar with the team members needed to implement an effective digital marketing strategy. Here we break down ten key members of an effective digital marketing team.

Building A More Effective Marketing Department

Remaining productive over these last few months has been challenging. Finding alternatives to live events, remaining in steady communication, collaborating on projects and adjusting our daily personal routines are just a few of the challenges we’ve all had to deal with. 

5 Ways To Inspire Creativity In Your Marketing Team

Marketing leaders have had to adapt very quickly to changing markets as well as basic company operations. So many of us are in an unfamiliar position working from home and being isolated from coworkers, friends and family. Marketers tend to draw their creativity from life experiences and interactions with other people. With both of those effectively being put on hold, it is up to marketing leaders to keep their teams from becoming stale. Here are five ways to inspire creativity in your marketing team.

4 Aspects Of Successful Multi-Channel Account-Based Marketing Programs

Account-based marketing programs have proven to show tremendous ROI when used in conjunction with a multi-channel approach. Focusing on your most desired accounts with tailored messaging through a variety of channels can help you gain traction where it matters most. Here we take a look at four aspects of successful multi-channel ABM programs.

Explaining Owned, Paid And Earned Content Distribution Channels

Even the greatest piece of content will have little impact if it is not distributed properly. There are a seemingly endless number of distribution channels that can be used to circulate your content. Each one falls under one of three categories; owned, paid and earned. Here we break down the components and uses of each type of content distribution channel.