5 Ways To Improve B2B Customer Retention

Attracting new customers is essential for a business to grow, but even more important is retaining your current clients. The costs associated with acquiring new customers is far greater than gaining renewals. Focusing on retaining and upselling current customers can have a very positive impact on your overall customer acquisition costs. There are other benefits including gaining evangelists for your brand and improving word of mouth advertising. Here we take a look at 5 ways to improve your customer retention rate.

Recent Marketing Statistics And What They Mean For B2B Organizations

Statistical analysis is essential in marketing. It allows you to keep up with trends, refine content for your audience and determine which tactics and campaigns are most effective. Here we take a look at several recent statistics and what they mean for B2B marketers.

5 Sales Team Leadership Tips

Leading a sales team has never been easy, and it not likely become so any time soon. Keeping your team motivated at home or in the office takes commitment and investment. Being a leader is more than giving direction, as much more is needed to get the most out of your team.

Adjusting Your Content Strategy For Today’s Climate

Many B2B marketers such as myself have been working to find ways to continue to market our products and services without turning what appears to be a blind eye to the current world situation. Remaining helpful and socially aware is essential in continuing to do business in this difficult period. Here are a few ways you can adjust your content strategy to fit today’s climate.

A Creative Approach To Content Marketing

Implementing an organized content marketing plan while allowing your creative team the freedom necessary to do their best work can be a difficult balance to achieve. As a manager, picture yourself trying to micromanage Michelangelo while he was trying to paint the Sistine Chapel.  It undoubtedly would not be the masterpiece it is today. Creative types need hard deadlines but loose guidelines to create truly great work. When you think of your content and design teams as artists, you can begin to understand how to manage them. Generally, artists appear to be disorganized, but each one has their own method for completing commissioned works on time. The idea is to present them with a goal and expectations and then allow them the freedom to let their creative talent take over. In this article we discuss what it takes to create unique and exceptional content marketing campaigns.