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7 Ways Marketing Executives Can Manage The Creative Process

Getting the most out of your team. That is the primary goal of any marketing manager, director or CMO. Since the internet has given everyone a voice, the creativity of marketing campaigns plays an even more integral role in your ability to make an impression. Managing the creative process involves working with creative people. An Entrepreneur article notes three elements needed to build creative genius in the workplace; curiosity, outward thinking and positivity. Getting there requires several steps.

5 Free Courses To Enhance Your Marketing Skills

Continuing to enhance your skills is more important than ever for marketers as technology has expanded the knowledge base required to stay up to date with the latest techniques. Having at the very least a working comprehension of popular strategies and platforms will allow you to implement successful campaigns and choose the best agency to outsource your marketing efforts. Online marketing courses have become big business over the last few years, but thankfully there are some great free courses still available.

15 Fun Facts For St. Pat’s

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Winn Technology Group! Here we’ve compiled some fun facts to share at your office party and other festivities.

4 Pre-Digital Era Marketing Techniques That Still Work

As digital marketing platforms become congested and competition increasing in all aspects of the technology industry it has become more difficult for B2B organizations to reach their target audience. The solution to this comes with supplementing your digital efforts with traditional marketing techniques. While having a strong online presence is necessary in today’s world, these time-tested techniques can have an even greater impact now than in their heyday.

5 Tech Gadgets That Every Marketer Will Love

Everyone loves gadgets and marketers are no different. Technology can help us be more efficient at work, have fun and relax. A new gadget seems to appear on the market nearly every day. Some items are used sparingly while others become a part of our daily lives. Here are five great items to make your work life easier and more fun.