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Latest Trends In Channel Marketing 2018

Trends come and go.  What worked 6 months ago may not work today.  Keeping up with trends and being able to measure what works for yourself is integral in developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns.  Maximizing channel partner’s use of market development funds and having a more hands on approach towards tactics and partnerships appears to be the over-arching theme in channel marketing today.  Here we take a look at seven channel marketing trends for 2018 and beyond.

What Should B2B Technology Marketers Read?

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”  Famous words of wisdom from one Dr. Seuss and extremely relevant in today’s marketing landscape.  Technology has transformed the world of marketing perhaps more than any other industry and keeping up with the latest trends and best practices can be a monumental, albeit necessary, task.  Here are some of our favorite places to find the latest marketing information, please share yours in the comments below.

10 Ways To Segment Your Email Marketing Contacts

Segmenting your email lists will help you to deliver more relevant and targeted content.  It can also cut down on unsubscribes as your contacts will only get information that resonates with them.  Some of the top ways to segment your email contact lists include:

Don’t Blow A Channel Marketing Fuse: Automation, Inbound and Through-Channel

Analyzing the endless amount of marketing data coming from internal and external sources to find what works and really matters is a part of everyday life for channel marketers, or at least it should be.  Even with all of the new technology available, gathering information from all channels to give you a scope of the big picture can be a daunting task.  When infused with traditional marketing tactics, marketing automation, inbound marketing and through-channel marketing represent the next level for companies looking to drive growth and collaboration throughout their channel partner communities.

Why Are Backlinks So Important For SEO? How Can You Get More?

At this point every marketer should be aware of what a backlink is.  Simply put, a backlink is a link to your website from another website.  Search engine algorithms rely heavily on backlinks and any SEO strategy is incomplete without a plan to obtain them.  Many of us spend a significant portion of our day trying to acquire quality ones.  So why are we spending all this time trying to get them and how can we get more?