4 Key Components Of A Growth Marketing Plan

Marketing in itself has become the most important component of the infrastructure and strategy of B2B technology firms.  Simply put, if you’re not investing your marketing dollars wisely, your company won’t grow.

3 Characteristics Of A Great Channel Partner

One of the central aspects of growth in 2019 is having not only a valuable and unique value proposition, but a dynamic and well established chain of partners that connect your product to your current as well as potential customers. Your channel of value added resellers and distributors can be the determining factor of building your brand from a small business to a large or even enterprise level company over time. Examining the current successful companies with channel partners which were crucial to their respective success stories is a great place to begin your research for building and planning your channel. There are 3 distinct elements which are present in a robust alignment of channel partners, and they should be at least considered before building yours.

How To Better Support Your Channel Partner’s Marketing Initiatives

In order for your channel community to thrive, they need your support.  One of the best ways you can do this is by helping to bolster their marketing initiatives.  This may include infusing market development funds, providing marketing content, and taking a more hands on approach to their overall strategy.

4 Simple Steps For Aligning Sales And Marketing

If you want your B2B business to grow, to communicate more clearly and to truly delight your customers, your sales and marketing teams need to be aligned.  Experts have been preaching this for years, but many organizations have yet to establish a clear strategy to make it happen. 

5 Ways To Make Your B2B Marketing Team More Efficient

With an increased focus on ROI, marketers have become challenged not only to produce results, but to prove them.  This makes operational efficiency extremely important for your marketing department.  Here are just a few tips to make your B2B marketing team more efficient.