How To Keep Remote Marketing Teams Engaged

With the majority of marketers currently working from home, it has presented a challenge to managers who are used to leading their teams face to face. Keeping workers engaged is the key to keeping them happy and productive. Here are a few tips on how to make it happen.

A Brief History Of Memorial Day

Celebrating Memorial Day this year is sure to be different, but no less important. Honoring those that gave their lives for our country is an event rich in tradition. Here we take a brief look into the history of Memorial Day.

5 Ways To Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Since the large majority of us will be spending our Memorial Day weekend at home, we thought coming up with a list of fun ways to make this time enjoyable would be helpful. While your vacation may have been cancelled, there are many options to get away, or bring friends and family together, even if we need to be apart.

Finding Marketing Wins In Summer 2020

As with nearly every industry, marketers have had to adjust over the last few months. With there still being a great deal of uncertainty about the future, we came up with several ideas that can help your organization gain some marketing wins this summer.

Digital Swag Bag Ideas For Your Online Events

With industry events moving to the digital realm, one key thing to remember is swag. The various items that attendees can collect at a trade show serve as conversation starters and can provide value to potential clients. This idea should not be abandoned simply because the event has moved online. “When creating each offer always keep the attendee in mind. Think about what interests them most, why they came to your event and what they hope to get out of it. The most attractive and successful offers are always attendee focused, offering them something of value.”  Here are a few items to include in your digital swag bag.