7 Ways To Optimize Your About Us Page

You may not think much in regards to your “About Us” page but in many cases this is the first page on your website that visitors will navigate to. There are several reasons a person will visit your about us page including determining what your company does, if there are potential job openings or to verify your legitimacy. Here we break down 7 ways to optimize your about us page.

How To Prepare Your B2B Business For A Trade Show

Trade shows offer a great means of networking, learning, creating brand exposure and even selling. B2B organizations have long relied on trade shows as a way to promote new products, educate prospects and take advantage of face-to-face meetings. In order to get the most out of your trade show experience, you should create a plan that is geared towards meeting a specific goal.

3 Everyday Practices To Improve SEO

Search engine optimization is an elusive goal that changes constantly. What worked five years ago may hurt you today. There are some time-tested practices that can be used to continuously improve your chances of being found online. Recognizing the fact that most people now begin the buying process with an online search and taking the time to seriously look into your optimization strategy is of the utmost importance for companies in nearly every industry. So what are the first steps to take to improve your SEO?

10 Presidential Fun Facts

Happy President’s Day from Winn Technology Group! Here we compiled 10 interesting presidential fun facts to help kickoff your celebration.

5 Essential Types Of Visual Content

Visual content is dominating social media platforms and is being used strategically throughout all aspects of digital marketing. Whether it is a social post, email, blog or website page, every marketer feels the impact of visual content.