The Importance Of Data Quality In Marketing And Sales

Automation platforms, social media, paid advertising, the cloud and countless other new technologies have driven marketers to rely heavily on large amounts of data. Finding quality data to purchase and keeping your own records up to date is a significant challenge. Employees change jobs, companies go under or rebrand. These are just a few reasons it’s important research those you’re purchasing lists from, audit the data and keep close track of your return on investment.

Happy 4th Of July!

The way we live life and the way we view freedom has not changed very far from our founding fathers ideas that were set into motion long ago. With a few amendments and as we grow with the times the American experiment has been the greatest ever known.  Winn Technology Group would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! Here are 12 facts about this day for your enjoyment.

5 Advantages Of Virtual B2B Events

As major industry events, user conferences and half day briefings move to the digital realm, there are sure to be challenges. However, there are some key benefits that virtual events offer over in-person shows. Although the loss of live interaction can be detrimental, a virtual experience that provides entertaining presentations, ample access to breakout sessions, chat forums and a unique experience can be very appealing to potential attendees. Here we take a look at five advantages of virtual B2B events.

3 Ways Digital Marketing Will Change Over The Next Year

The digital world has become flooded over the past few months, causing many marketers to adjust their messaging, budgets and strategies to align with the current landscape. The next year is likely to bring even more changes, with digital tactics becoming the focus of marketing leaders across the globe. Here we outline three ways we expect digital marketing will evolve over the next year.

5 Reasons Your B2B Business Needs A Formal Marketing Plan

If your business is operating without a formal marketing plan, there is a good chance you’re not getting the most out of your marketing budget. A formal plan helps to align your marketing goals with the campaigns you’re running. It serves as the foundation for all of your marketing efforts.