Inbound Marketing Strategy: Want More Sales? Follow Up!

Following up with prospects and leads has become an art form but is still a vastly underused practice in sales and marketing.  Inbound marketing strategy revolves around drawing customers in, but direct outreach is still important.  There are many situations that require prompt and continuous follow up.  In addition, there are more ways than ever to reach out to your potential clients.  Here we explore several common follow up situations you’ll come across with your prospects as well as how and when to reach out to them.

Top 5 Marketing Trends For The Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry has had its own digital transformation which has slowed their transition to a primarily digital marketing model.  As companies begin to adapt, there are several marketing trends that have taken over the financial space.  Here we examine 5 of the most important.

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Building Better Landing Pages

Once someone clicks on your call to action, your landing pages take center stage of your inbound marketing strategy.  This is the next step in turning a visitor into a lead.  Optimizing your landing pages will help to improve your conversion rates and draw your website visitors further down the funnel.

The Importance of Marketing To Current Clients

The role of marketing today is as much about delighting existing customers as it is about attracting new ones. You want to make sure that your customers have a great experience using your product/service so not only do they buy again, but ideally spread the word through referrals or even social media. Top performing businesses understand that when the right marketing messages reach current customers at the right time it can have a measurable impact on revenue goals and a customers’ lifetime value. Every business is unique and has different things that they want their customers to do after they become customers so here we will discuss three main reasons behind marketing to existing customers.

Are You Providing Your Channel Partners Enough Marketing Content?

One of the most important marketing materials you can provide to your channel partners is quality targeted content.  Content is what drives brand awareness, SEO and even partner loyalty.  Are you providing your channel enough content?