5 Ways To Win At Account-Based Marketing

ABM continues to gain in popularity and is widely viewed as the best way to close key accounts.  Research and segmentation are needed to build your campaigns. Once that process has been initiated, there are several tactics you can use to reach your target decision makers.

12 Days Of Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas from Winn Technology Group! Here are links to twelve of our favorite Christmas songs along with a brief history of each one.  Enjoy!

10 Ways To Measure Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Even with all of the metrics that can be obtained through digital marketing software, it can still be difficult to establish a clear ROI. There are many different statistics you’ll need to track throughout your digital campaigns, here are ten of the most telling.

10 Great Gifts For Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular way for those in an office setting to celebrate the holidays. While many participants will include a wish list, those that want a surprise can be a bit difficult to shop for.  Here are ten great gifts for your secret Santa celebration.

5 Steps For Building Your B2B Brand

Most B2B organizations face fierce competition while trying to sell similar products.  While the differentiators within your product lines does have an impact, making your brand stand out is even more important. People want to deal with relatable brands that they can trust. Building relationships is more important than ever. Here are just a few ways to make this happen.