Online Event Marketing Guide

Online events have become the norm over the last six months and with their success, we are sure to see a lot more of them. While many of the tactics used to promote these events will be the same as traditional events, the messaging will be a bit different. Rather than traditional event promotion that hypes up the venue, vendors and experience, online event marketers need to treat these events like a webinar by fully propping up the content and speakers that will present. Here we take a look at several tactics to help promote your next online event.

How To Promote Your Next Online Event

With so many events moving to the virtual world these days, promoting them has become a challenge. Employing a variety of tactics to draw in your audience is the most effective way to reach a larger portion of your target audience. Here we outline six ways to make your next B2B event a success.

5 Advantages Of Virtual B2B Events

As major industry events, user conferences and half day briefings move to the digital realm, there are sure to be challenges. However, there are some key benefits that virtual events offer over in-person shows. Although the loss of live interaction can be detrimental, a virtual experience that provides entertaining presentations, ample access to breakout sessions, chat forums and a unique experience can be very appealing to potential attendees. Here we take a look at five advantages of virtual B2B events.

Digital Swag Bag Ideas For Your Online Events

With industry events moving to the digital realm, one key thing to remember is swag. The various items that attendees can collect at a trade show serve as conversation starters and can provide value to potential clients. This idea should not be abandoned simply because the event has moved online. “When creating each offer always keep the attendee in mind. Think about what interests them most, why they came to your event and what they hope to get out of it. The most attractive and successful offers are always attendee focused, offering them something of value.”  Here are a few items to include in your digital swag bag.

Promoting Your Next Major Online Event

Although many major conferences are moving to the digital realm, the strategy behind their promotion remains largely the same. Using a multi-channel approach will help you to reach a larger segment of your target audience, build awareness and gain more registrations. Here are four essential tactics for promoting your next major online event.