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How To Invest Your Marketing Dollars For 2023

Although 2023 may still seem far off to you, it is only three months away. If you haven't already started your strategic planning for how to Invest those 2023 marketing dollars, now is the time to start.

The Benefit Of Webinars As A Marketing Tool

Are webinars useful as a marketing tool? You may be thinking that sounds like a nice thing to have but just how effective are webinars? Well, according to ON24’s2019 Webinar Benchmark Report, 76% of marketers who followed and studied reported that webinars allow them to drive more leads, and 75% of marketers agreed that webinars help to extend a brand’s reach.

Setting Yourself And Your Partners Up For Co-Branding Success

To succeed with co-branding, you will need to find a solution that will scale. If you only have one or two partners, you may be able to begin with manually created co-branded materials, but that should only be a temporary solution.

Benefits Of Hosting A Co-Branded Webinar

Putting together and hosting a co-branded webinar takes a lot of time and planning to make it successful. For a co-branded webinar, it is important to find a topic for the webinar that utilizes the expertise of each participating partner in a clear and concise manner. Let each partner speak about their area of expertise on the webinar for a short amount of time.

Importance Of Providing Branded Content, Especially For Smaller Partners

Market Development Funds are often under-utilized or not used at all. There are many reasons for this, but one of the primary reasons is that many, if not most, partners do not have digital marketing experience, nor are they equipped with the appropriate tools and techniques to truly exploit digital marketing or even apply for the available market development funds.