How To Use Direct Mail Marketing In 2019

With digital channels dominating the marketing landscape, traditional tactics such as direct mail have become somewhat of an afterthought. For that very reason, they have regained their effectiveness. What used to be a flooded channel of mass mailers has dwindled to the point where a direct mail piece can help your business stand out. Here we’ve outlined the best ways to use direct mail marketing in 2019.

Independence Day History And Fun Facts

We here at Winn Technology Group would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July.  Here are some fun facts about the history of Independence Day.  Have a safe and fun holiday.

How Winn Technology Group Uses The Fish Philosophy

The culture of your business has a tremendous impact on employee and client longevity as well as the level of satisfaction both entities feel when having come in contact with your organization.  Having a clear vision of what you want your company culture to be and then having your management team embody that vision is the first step in getting your employees and clients to buy in.  Here at Winn Technology Group, we employee the fish philosophy.

Deliverables To Expect From A Marketing Campaign

Whether you’re outsourcing or running an internal marketing campaign, there are certain things you should expect when the campaign comes to its conclusion. While the ultimate goal of a marketing campaign is to gain new customers, there is a great deal of value to be had aside from that.

10 Interesting Mother’s Day Facts

It’s that time of year to celebrate and honor all of the mothers out there.  Here is a bit of history and some fun facts about moms.  Happy Mother’s Day from Winn Technology Group.