Choosing Your Attitude Can Help Your Company And Your Marketing Strategy

Here at Winn Technology Group we employ the fish philosophy. We love to empower our employees and make sure they are giving 100% to make sure they are successful at what they do. A big component of the Fish Philosophy is choosing your attitude.

How To Effectively Use Video For B2B Marketing

How To Fill Your Sales Pipeline


Your sales pipeline is the journey that your prospects take on the way to becoming customers. Ideally, you want your sales pipeline to be constantly full of prospects at different points in their journey, so you always have leads to nurture into sales. So how do you get potential clients into your pipeline? Here are a few ways to keep your pipeline full:

Keep It Cool Summer Marketing Strategies Made Easy

Summer is said to be one of the hardest times on a business due to a slowdown in sales. This causes things to become harder for your business to continue to keep all employees and stay profitable. The best thing to do is to change up your marketing efforts. Here are four easy ways to change your marketing strategies.

How To Use Direct Mail Marketing In 2019

With digital channels dominating the marketing landscape, traditional tactics such as direct mail have become somewhat of an afterthought. For that very reason, they have regained their effectiveness. What used to be a flooded channel of mass mailers has dwindled to the point where a direct mail piece can help your business stand out. Here we’ve outlined the best ways to use direct mail marketing in 2019.