7 Ways To Sharpen Your B2B Marketing Skills

True leaders in the B2B marketing realm recognize the necessity to always be learning.  In an industry that changes so quickly it takes a consistent learning regiment to remain on top.  While many marketers spend the majority of their time on strategy and implementation, continued education is what separates the leaders from the followers.  Here we outline seven ways to sharpen your B2B marketing skills.

5 Ways To Strengthen B2B Client Relationships

Relationship building has taken center stage in the sales and marketing world.  It has long been known that people buy from people they like.  This rings true in the B2B world as well.  Humanizing your brand and going out of your way to build a relationship versus just pushing a product or service is necessary in order to be successful.  Remembering that you are marketing and selling to people will help to better optimize your strategy.  Companies are built on repeat business, and that business comes from strong relationships.  Here we outline five ways to strengthen your B2B client relationships.

Characteristics Of A Successful Start-Up In 2019

There can be no substitute for hard work, and if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. These are the hallmarks of a mindset which has not only the fortitude to endure and a deliverable which is profitable but a resilient message to project to the community at-large.  Attempting to launch an idea from your imagination into the free market is not for everyone; moreover, those that would try are often met with ominous challenges as they enter this fast-paced, hyper-competitive environment.

Six Secrets For Direct Mail Marketing Success

Direct mail is experiencing a bit of a renaissance as digital channels become more and more congested.  While large campaigns with thousands of mailers are not the best course of action, smaller, more targeted sends can provide a great deal of success.  Targeting high level contacts from companies that represent a large potential revenue stream should be your primary objective.  Here we’ve outline six secrets to make your next direct mail campaign a success.

Add-Ventures In Marketing: How Venture Capitalists Can Better Develop Start-ups

It must be an interesting career as a venture capitalist, investing, selling and trading in start-ups. Trying to determine which companies will become the next Google or Facebook, working with inventors and accelerators, looking for a great idea and buying in before the big spark which will take a company into the stratosphere. What do they look for? How do some people have this innate ability to discern so effectively the criteria for business success and how much of it one company has over the next? All good questions, but what if the system was backwards?