5 Essential Prospecting Techniques For B2B Salespeople

Gone are the days of the slick, smooth talking salesperson. Today’s sales pipelines are built on trust, providing value and building relationships. With long sales cycles and multiple decision makers, B2B sales requires developing a certain level of trust. Here are five techniques that can be used to make this happen.

5 Ways To Revitalize Your Lead Nurturing Process

When it comes to lead nurturing, do you struggle with being “Ghosted” by potential customers? If you are stuck wondering why some leads go cold, it may be time to reevaluate and revitalize your lead nurturing processes. Did you know that nearly 80% of leads never become sales? That number sounds like a high one, but in the grand scheme of things, a 20% close rate is pretty good! Here are a few ways to make sure your leads are being nurtured properly so that you are closing the maximum amount of deals possible:

Nurturing Leads With A Growth Marketing Mindset

Nurturing leads tends to be an overlooked aspect of B2B marketing despite its effectiveness and relatively inexpensive implementation. Especially with long sales cycles and complex products, marketers and sales teams need to remain patient and persistent with those that are not quite ready to buy. Growing your business requires maintaining a healthy funnel of leads. Here we break down some of the key channels to use for nurturing leads and the different types of campaigns you can run.

How To Produce A Higher Quality Lead

The eternal struggle of sales and marketing alignment comes down to the volume and quality of the leads being generated. Creating a higher quality lead can only be achieved when sales and marketing teams collaborate to establish clear buyer personas and lead definitions. Once that has been accomplished, you can dive into the tactical side of lead generation. Here we outline how marketers can produce a higher quality lead.

How To Follow Up And Nurture B2B Leads

Timely follow ups and lead nurturing are instrumental in establishing a healthy sales and marketing pipeline. Knowing your prospects preferred method of communication and nurturing leads with a multi-channel approach will ensure the efforts made to get them in your funnel will not go to waste.