How To Audit Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email is an important tool to an overall marketing strategy and can still be highly effective if implemented properly.  Email is no longer just a numbers game.  Detailed personalization, eye-catching subject lines and valuable content are all necessary ingredients to an effective email campaign.  When looking at your email strategy as a whole, there are ten questions to consider.

Creating Email Content That Converts

There are many different avenues marketers can take to enhance email conversion, but which are the most effective?  Email marketing remains one of the best ways to nurture current prospects and attract new customers.  Here we break down some of the top ways to increase your email conversions.

How To Segment Your B2B Marketing Contact Database

Increasing conversions is one of the top priorities of B2B marketers and proper list segmentation is one of the best ways to do so.  Taking an extensive contact database and splitting it up into targeted segments can be a difficult task but the results will be well worth the effort.  There are several different ways you can divvy up your lists, here are a few to get started.

How To Craft Email Subject Lines Your Prospects Can't Ignore

There has been a lot of talk about the so-called death of email.  Much of this has to do with low open and click rates from mass marketing emails.  Email is nowhere near dead, you just need to know how to optimize them to stand out from the pack.  Your subject line is the most important aspect when it comes to getting someone to open your messages.  If they never open, they certainly can’t click or convert.  Here we’ve put together 10 tips for optimizing your email subject lines.

Using Email Workflows To Nurture And Close B2B Prospects

Email workflows are one of the most effective marketing automation tools as they reliably place relevant and timely information in front of your prospects.  There are several different marketing actions that can trigger a prospect being placed into a workflow.  Additionally, there is different content, frequency and offers that align with these actions, creating a need for several types of email workflow.  Here we cover 10 ways to use email workflows to nurture and close B2B prospects.