How To Drive Social Media Engagement

Posted by Michael Auer on Dec 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

How To Drive Social Media EngagementThe goal of social media messaging is to get your target audience to read and engage with your posts and to help guide them through the buying cycle. Making real connections and nurturing relationships prior to a sales pitch is necessary in a time with so many options. Trust, credibility and your brand’s personality all need to shine through in order to drive social media engagement.

Leverage Your Company Blog

Company Blogs are best suited for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If distributed properly they can serve as a key source of lead generation. Sharing your posts to relevant discussion groups will open up conversations about the solutions that you provide. Pose questions along with your attached blog to invite people to interact with your post.

Use Infographics To Communicate Complex Concepts

Infographics are a great way to communicate analytical data in a more aesthetic form. Charts, graphs and time lines are much more appealing and help you to highlight meaningful statistics.

Create And Share Humorous Memes

Memes are some of the most shared pieces of content and many have become iconic pieces of the online world. It’s not to say that posting a humorous meme will make you an internet sensation, but a quality piece can help you stand out from your competitors and get noticed. It’s important to know your audience and ensure you represent your company in a positive light.

Shoot A Variety Of Videos

Video has become essential for online success and it gives you the ability to display the human side of your company. There are several types of videos you can post including company overviews, client interviews and educational pieces. While videos are featured on YouTube, they are well suited for nearly every social channel.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Unpolished Content

Unpolished content consists of posts that are spontaneous and speak to a certain event or occurrence. Although not as highly edited these posts allow you to take advantage of the newest trends and hot topics. These types of posts can include comments about an experience at a tradeshow, an ongoing sporting event or a charitable function. These types of posts will work best on Instagram and Twitter as the shelf life of posts on these platforms is relatively short.

Conduct Industry Specific Surveys

Surveys encourage visitors to share their opinions and can provide you with valuable information about your target market. They should be short and easy to complete. Be sure to communicate the results and provide something of value to the participants.

Run A Contest

Contests are a fun way to increase and engage your audience. Those that may have been reluctant to download your content may be persuaded to share their contact information in exchange for a prize. Depending on your industry this could include a new product or free service. This will also give you the opportunity to show off the quality and reliability of your company.

Publish Your News Releases

News releases that highlight strategic partnerships, new clients and charitable contributions help your online reputation and can bring attention to a worthy cause. Showing the human side of your company will help you develop trust with your prospects thus encouraging further engagement.

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