7 Types Of Marketing Videos To Upgrade Your Content

Posted by Michael Auer on Nov 21, 2016 9:12:07 AM

7 Types Of Marketing Videos To Upgrade Your ContentVideo is becoming the most consumed content online and marketers need to take advantage of it.  As marketers we are always looking for the best way to reach and engage with our target audience.  Recent statistics from HubSpot show that 59% of executives prefer video over written text.  With numbers like that steadily increasing video marketing should be used in all aspects of our marketing strategy.  There are many different types of marketing videos that can be created and it’s only limited by your imagination.  Here we’ve outlined some of the essential types of video content to include in your plan.

Company Overview

Just about every company includes a written overview of their company online.  Utilizing video to supplement your text allows you to show the human side of your company.  Showing your location and performing a walk-through that includes interaction with your employees will showcase the personality of your organization which will make potential clients more familiar and comfortable with your brand.  You will want to revamp your overview on an annual basis to keep it up to date.

Press Releases

A monthly press release lets website visitors know your company is remaining active within your industry and community.  When participating in local events it’s a great idea to take some video to put on your website.  Showing that your company is willing to volunteer it’s time to help its community will improve your reputation.  Video is much more likely to be shared through social channels and the organizations you’re helping are likely to spread the word of your involvement.

Client Interviews

Interviewing new and established clients can work for you in several ways.  They serve as testimonials that promote your products and services which will lend credibility to your company.  If you’re working with large clients, everyone within the organization represents an opportunity to increase the reach of your content.  Allowing your clients to plug their own offerings within the video will encourage participation.  Whenever a campaign has concluded you should inquire about a video interview.

Employee Interviews

Familiarity with a company is one of the biggest influences on buying decisions.  Employee interviews allow your company to display the expertise of your workforce and the personality of the individuals that make your company tick.  These videos should include employees from all levels of your organization.  This will give your viewers several different perspectives of your business.  If done correctly this will give them confidence in your ability to meet their expectations.


Live webinars are a great way to reach your audience but often times it can be difficult for busy executives to find time to attend them.  Providing an archive of your webinars will help to increase their longevity and potential reach.  Not only does this give people an opportunity to view past recordings, it will help to promote attendance for future webinars.

Product/Service Descriptions

Video can help your product and service descriptions come to life.  It gives you the chance to show how your products work and seeing them in action will make your viewers more confident in a potential purchase.  They also help you to better display the functionality and benefits they will provide.  Each product launch or additional service should be accompanied by a video tutorial.

Industry Humor

According to grabstats.com 26% of video viewers watch at least one funny video per week.  With a quarter of your potential videos likeley being viewed by those looking for humorous content it’s important to include it in your strategy.  Funny videos are more often shared through social channel than any other type of content.  These videos should remain industry relevant in most cases but piggy backing on current events will also help to improve your reach.CONTACT WINN TECHNOLOGY GROUP US

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