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Three Ways To Build A Strong B2B Brand Foundation

Your brand is how consumers identify your company. The importance of solid brand recognition and a positive reputation has increased dramatically as technology has given everyone a voice. Finding differentiators can be difficult with so many competitors in nearly every niche. Here we outline three ways to build a strong B2B brand foundation.

How To Design And Promote A Successful Hybrid Event

With widespread shutdowns still in effect and further shutdowns imminent, virtual events will continue to dominate the business world. However, there is still interest and demand for live events as well. The future of B2B events appears to be a hybrid of the two. Even as the pandemic wanes, we can expect a virtual component to remain in place for many major events due to the overall success they have had. The challenge comes with merging both the virtual and live experience into one holistic event that provides value regardless of how you choose to attend.

How To Increase Attendance At Your Next Online Event

Even with some in-person events returning, online events appear poised to continue in abundance, popularity, and effectiveness. Promoting a virtual event is a bit different than those held in person. While the cost is typically much lower without the need for travel or lodging, and being held online opens you up to a worldwide audience, the in-person experience is the biggest draw for many potential attendees. Pulling off a successful online event requires a creative team and collaborative effort between all sales and marketing divisions. Here we look at how to increase attendance at your next online event.

How To Create Real Relationships Through Social Media

You can use every marketing tool and tactic known to man, but without first building a relationship, you have very little chance of turning a prospect into a customer. First, let’s stop referring to potential clients as “prospects.” These are people we’re talking about, and they should be respected and treated as such. Social media offers an excellent platform to connect and build relationships with people, but you need to be your genuine self to make it happen.

A Multi-Channel Marketing Approach To Recruiting Profitable Channel Partners

Recruiting profitable channel partners is an ongoing and challenging task. Not only do you need to have an enticing program, but you need a plan to market that program. Here we look at a multi-channel marketing approach to recruiting profitable channel partners.