Optimize your Social Media Strategy and Business Profiles

Posted by Michael Auer on Dec 19, 2016 10:27:47 AM

Optimizing Social Media Business ProfilesSocial media profiles can play a large role in your company’s ability to be found online.  Taking the time to optimize each profile will help maximize the reach and impact of your social media strategy.  Profiles are indexed pages that in many cases are viewed more often than your company website and should be optimized for SEO and lead generation purposes


Profile pictures and background images should be kept fresh but still contain consistent company branding.  Be creative with your imagery and include graphics as well as live photos.  Feature photos of your location and employees when participating in community service and charitable engagements. 


There are several different types of links that should be included within your profile.  The most important of which include your company website, contact us form and other social media pages.  This will allow visitors to easily find and follow you on their preferred platform. 


Most marketers are aware that a well thought out keyword strategy will improve SEO for their website and the same holds true for social media profiles.  Strategic keyword placement within the name and description of your pages will improve your chances of being found through Google and social searches.


Each of your social media pages should mirror each other and tie directly into the design of your company website.  This includes imagery, colors, keywords and company descriptions.  Branding is all about recognition and consistent design will increase visitor’s familiarity with your brand.

Complete Everything

This may go without saying but it’s important that you fill out all of the fields available within your company profile.  The different searches that can be performed within a social media application look at all aspects of your profile and each should be optimized to maximize your chances of being found.

Optimizing your profile is fairly easy and is the first step in a successful social media marketing plan.  These pages are an extension of your website and offer the greatest opportunity to distribute your content.  Click below to download our free Ebook for more tips on improving your inbound marketing strategy.Are You Playing With A Full Deck? : 52 Tips To Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

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