Marketing Your Business Offline

Posted by Michael Auer on Apr 5, 2017 9:36:57 AM

Marketing Your Business OfflineWhile digital marketing and online strategies have taken over the marketing world there are still several viable offline methods that can be used to generate and nurture leads.  This is a compilation of articles dedicated to ensuring success through offline marketing channels.

Direct Mail

With digital technology occupying a larger percentage of marketing resources mainstays like direct mail have become less prevalent but have remained highly effective if employed strategically.  Mass mailers are not the answer as a more strategic approach will show the highest return on investment.  Since fewer companies invest in direct mail campaigns they have become a unique way to grab the attention of your most sought after prospects.  Here we’ve identified the essential aspects of a modern direct mail marketing.


While many people believe the effectiveness of teleprospecting is beginning to dwindle the reality is the process is evolving.  Companies are realizing that cold calling alone is not the way to go. Successful teleprospecting takes careful planning and collaboration between sales and marketing to create an effective strategy.   Here we’ve outlined some of the key aspects and details to check off your list when developing your campaign.

Appointment Setting

Generating leads through appointment setting requires several aspects of a multi-channel marketing strategy including teleprospecting, content creation and email.  Once you’ve developed your scripting and segmented your contact list, there are several more steps necessary to carry out a successful appointment setting campaign.

Trade Shows

Attending trade shows can be a significant investment and take up a large percentage of your marketing budget.  Detailed preparations are necessary in order to show a return on your investment.  There are 4 key areas on which you should focus your efforts when attending industry events.

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