8 Types Of Media To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 28, 2020 8:48:12 AM

8 Types Of Media To Fuel Your Content Marketing StrategyConsistency and quality always come up when people are talking about content strategy. What is just as, if not more, important is diversity. Having different types of media that provide value to your prospects at every stage of the funnel  ensures you social pages and company blog stay fresh. Here we break down eight types of media to fuel your content marketing strategy.


Video can be leveraged in many different ways including company overviews, product demonstrations, advertisements and anything else that will provide educational or entertainment value to your target audience.


Written blogs are still one of the most popular forms of content and are an essential piece to any inbound marketing program. Consistency and quality are of the utmost importance as you need enough content to impact SEO while maintaining quality so your readers remain interested.

Case Studies

Case studies provide proof of the effectiveness and quality of your products or services. Being able to see that a solution has worked for a similar organization can play a major role in gaining the buy-in from potential customers.

White Papers

White papers are information packed pieces of premium content that are typically gated by a landing page with a form. These pieces are less flashy than their eBook cousins and are meant to very detailed in nature.


Ebooks are another piece of premium content that is typically gated to generate leads. These pieces include a variety of sections on a specific topic and include things like high-quality images, charts, statistics and expert quotes that back up your findings.


Checklists are an easy way to provide value and show off your expertise with relatively little work involved. Choosing common tasks that involve multiple steps and breaking them down into a simple checklist can be extremely valuable to time-stretched prospects.


Interviews can be conducted with industry experts, celebrities, charity leaders, co-workers, influencers, current and past clients and even your prospects themselves. Interviews can help personalize your brand and lend credibility to your organization.


Much like checklists, templates are an easy way to produce valuable downloadable content. Simply creating an Excel or Power Point template that organizes common business initiatives can help bolster your content offerings without investing a ton of resources.

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