6 Key Benefits Of A Long Term Inbound Marketing Plan

Posted by Michael Auer on Nov 20, 2020 10:23:33 AM

6 Key Benefits Of A Long Term Inbound Marketing PlanBuilding awareness and relationships while educating and entertaining your audience with quality content is the basis of inbound marketing, which is a long-term strategy. It takes time to plan, implement and refine your strategy before it will start to show results, but once it does, those results can be significant and long lasting. Here we take a look at six key benefits of a long-term inbound marketing plan.

Lower Cost Per Lead

While an inbound marketing plan can take time to implement and the results only truly begin to show after several months of consistent effort, the long-term impact on lead cost can be significant. Many pieces of content can continue to generate leads even years after they’ve been published without any additional resources being delegated.

Build Relationships

Since inbound is built around distributing educational and entertaining content, it lends itself very favorably to developing relationships. Being able to help your prospect with a particular problem or pain point they are experiencing can have a tremendous impact on who they reach out to when they do need your type of solution.

The Right Website Traffic

If you are producing the type of content that is of interest to your target audience and distributing it properly throughout their preferred channels, you will see an influx of highly qualified traffic visiting your website. Simply getting visitors to your site will have little impact if they aren’t the right visitors.

Convert Traffic Into Leads

The use of contact forms allows you to capture your prospects information and determine which areas of your business they may be interested in. They also allow you to see where they may be in the buying cycle. Without calls to action, landing pages and contact forms, there is no way of knowing specifically who is visiting your site and why.

Automated Long Term Nurturing

Sales cycles in the technology space tend to be extremely long and require a multitude of touches in order to close a deal. Setting up email workflows that automatically keep your company in front of potential customers allows your sales team to focus on those who are ready to buy without letting leads slip through the cracks.

Upsell Current Customers

The delight phase of inbound marketing is centered around ensuring the satisfaction of the customers you’ve already obtained. It is also an excellent opportunity to increase revenue by upselling additional products and services. Setting up workflows to introduce new and relevant offerings to your current customer base can have a very positive impact on revenue and even retention.

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