5 Ways To Up Your B2B Sales Game

Posted by Michael Auer on Mar 9, 2020 9:09:18 AM

5 Ways To Up Your B2B Sales GameThe nature of B2B sales has evolved over the years to include more components typically associated with B2C strategies. Building relationships and leveraging partnerships now stands at the forefront of effective B2B marketing and sales initiatives. Here we break down five ways to improve your sales strategy.

Network On Social Media

Social media IS the internet these days and needs to be leveraged in order to maximize sales opportunities. The key with social selling is to build relationships and provide value while avoiding an immediate sales pitch. Laying a foundation by helping prospects will greatly increase your chances of landing an appointment and closing a deal. Providing educational and entertaining content and getting to know your prospects on a more personal level will help to build trust prior to offering your products and services.

Get Involved With Local Events

Even if your company operates on a global scale, networking within your own community is extremely valuable. In-person meetings can open you up to a host of referrals and improve your word of mouth advertising. Sponsoring local events and donating time and money to local initiatives are great ways to build a local network and improve the image of your brand. This type of involvement can also be promoted through social channels, giving your organization a more human perception.

Nurture And Upsell Current Clients

Some of your best potential customers, are already your customer. Continually nurturing your current clients by providing them valuable content and exclusive offers can help you sell additional services to prospects you’ve already built a relationship with. While you want to be sure not to inundate your customers with marketing materials, setting up an email drip campaign that keeps you at the top of their mind can be extremely effective.

Create A Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs are far more prevalent in B2C organizations, but can also be effective for B2B sales. Creating incentives based on the amount of business a customer provides as well as landmarks like anniversaries and renewals can help to encourage long-term client relationships. Your rewards should be specific to an individual company and provide them true value. Exclusive offers to those that are members can be made through email blasts, social media and company newsletters to encourage participation.

Develop A Referral Program

Referrals programs can be offered to current and past clients, partners and anyone you’ve built a relationship with over the course of time. Incentives should reflect the amount of business they’re bringing to you and encourage them to continue referring prospects to your company. A formal referral agreement should be drafted and signed by both parties prior to engaging with a prospect. Referrals are typically the best leads you can receive and, in most cases, have a much higher close rate than leads obtained through other means.

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