Nurturing Leads With A Growth Marketing Mindset

Nurturing leads tends to be an overlooked aspect of B2B marketing despite its effectiveness and relatively inexpensive implementation. Especially with long sales cycles and complex products, marketers and sales teams need to remain patient and persistent with those that are not quite ready to buy. Growing your business requires maintaining a healthy funnel of leads. Here we break down some of the key channels to use for nurturing leads and the different types of campaigns you can run.

Growth Marketing Essentials For Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness plays a major role in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Expanding the reach of your messaging and familiarity with your brand throughout your key verticals will help to drive online conversions and make it easier for your sales people to close deals. Here are five essential growth tactics for improving brand awareness.

How Teleprospecting Fits Into A Growth Marketing Strategy

Growth marketing requires using a variety of different channels to communicate with your prospects. Teleprospecting doesn’t play quite the role in campaigns as it did in the past, but there are still some essential facets that only a well-orchestrated telephone campaign can produce.

3 Effective Account-Based Growth Marketing Tactics

Account-based programs are an integral part of an overall growth marketing strategy when the goal is to bring in your most sought-after accounts. The process of creating an account-based marketing campaign includes several steps and the implementation will require a multi-channel approach. Here we highlight three of the most effective ways to gain business from your priority accounts.

Have You Ever Wondered Where Labor Day Came From?

The first Monday in September has always been a day devoted to the national holiday. But if you are like me, you have just a slight idea of what this may be about considering the name. Well, in fact, we are right; it is about the labor force! The holiday was created for the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American workers. In addition to this movement, there are some fun facts about Labor Day that go beyond your family barbeque.