10 St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

St. Patricks Day is rich in history and legend. While some of the history is up for debate, one thing is for sure, it is a major holiday in both Ireland and the United States. Here are ten fun facts about St. Patricks Day.

5 Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Ideas For Your B2B Tech Firm

Using a variety of channels to reach your prospects is nothing new, but determining which tactics work best together, and for what purpose, is imperative in capitalizing on a multi-channel approach. Here we’ve outlined five multi-channel marketing campaigns that leverage both inbound and outbound tactics.

Pairing Digital Tactics To Spread Your Marketing Message

Taking a multi-channel approach to your marketing campaigns can make them more effective and enable you to reach more of your target audience. Some digital tactics work hand-in-hand. Here we’ve identified three digital pairings that can breathe new life into your campaigns.

5 Ways To Up Your B2B Sales Game

The nature of B2B sales has evolved over the years to include more components typically associated with B2C strategies. Building relationships and leveraging partnerships now stands at the forefront of effective B2B marketing and sales initiatives. Here we break down five ways to improve your sales strategy.

The Art of Objection Handling

When you sell a product or service of any kind you are going to be met with objections of some sort. It’s just the nature of the job. How do you handle your objections? Some people turn away at the first objection without getting to the root of the “No”. What if the person you’re talking to is misinformed? Maybe if they knew the truth their answer would be different and you would close the deal. Here are a few ways to handle objections well and help you sell more while helping prospects.