5 B2B Branding Basics

A strong relationship with your brand is what breeds customer loyalty. Your brand can be even more important than the products and services that you offer. While there are dozens of components to building a strong brand, we’ve chosen five on which to focus your energy.

How To Prepare For Event Sponsorship

B2B events can be a tremendously effective marketing channel provided that you’ve selected the proper event and have formulated a plan conducive to driving leads, awareness, and customer acquisition. Event sponsorship can give you exposure to a broad audience within your target market. Conferences and trade shows can get a bit pricy when you include travel, lodging, and marketing materials. This makes it imperative that you have a well thought out strategy to maximize your return on investment.

Independence Day History And Fun Facts

We here at Winn Technology Group would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July.  Here are some fun facts about the history of Independence Day.  Have a safe and fun holiday.

How To Produce A Higher Quality Lead

The eternal struggle of sales and marketing alignment comes down to the volume and quality of the leads being generated. Creating a higher quality lead can only be achieved when sales and marketing teams collaborate to establish clear buyer personas and lead definitions. Once that has been accomplished, you can dive into the tactical side of lead generation. Here we outline how marketers can produce a higher quality lead.

5 Effective Marketing Tactics For Technology Startups

Recognizing the importance and value of building your brand and marketing your products is an essential step for technology startups.  Many startups pour resources into product development and infrastructure, and although both are important, marketing cannot be ignored.  Lean budgets can be a hindrance when developing marketing campaigns, so it’s essential to know which tactics will be most effective in growing your brand.