Which Social Channels Work Best For B2B Marketing?

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 3, 2021 8:54:35 AM

Which Social Channels Work Best For B2B Marketing?There is little argument that social media is an essential part of digital marketing, but which platforms work best for B2B organizations, and how should they be used? The number of social media sites continues to grow, but in this article, we focus on the five that are most valuable to those in the B2B space.


Twitter is an excellent platform to build a large audience quickly. Short posts that ask questions give commentary on trending topics and announce events that will engage your audience and help you gain followers. Inviting those who follow you on Twitter to do so on other social channels can help expose them to more in-depth content about your products and services. Twitter polls are also very useful to gather business intelligence and gauge the market for a particular product or service.


Many B2B marketers shy away from Facebook, but it is an important tool for building awareness and your online footprint. Facebook is the first stop for many when they research a company, and a lack of activity can be seen as a red flag. It is a great place to engage with prospects in a more informal setting and learn what makes them tick. Discussion groups work well for sharing blog content, and visual content such as video and infographics can gather a great deal of engagement.


LinkedIn is for business, which makes it an ideal channel to reach B2B audiences. Company pages are a necessity, but not where you’ll gain the most traction. Posting from individual accounts and into relevant discussion groups will significantly improve your reach and allow you to engage directly with your prospects. The key is to provide value and build a relationship prior to asking for a person’s business. Be genuine in your connection requests and absolutely do not send a sales pitch as your initial message.


YouTube is actually the second largest search engine next to Google and an essential platform for hosting and sharing video content. Company overviews, product demonstrations, recorded webinars, and other educational videos are popular searches on YouTube. Videos are a great way to explain complex concepts and humanize your brand at the same time. Content posted on YouTube should be shared across any video-friendly social platform and embedded on your company website.


Instagram works wonders for B2C businesses and can provide value to those in the B2B space. Photos of your team participating in trade shows, community events, and fundraisers can go a long way toward humanizing your brand and improving your reputation. Humor is a must on Instagram. Post funny memes that relate to your industry and that of your target audience. Product diagrams and infographics can be mixed in to promote your offerings, but Instagram content should primarily focus on entertainment and brand building.

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