Where To Gain Inspiration For Your Blog Copy

Posted by Michael Auer on Oct 13, 2021 8:36:58 AM

Where To Gain Inspiration For Your Blog CopyCompelling blog copy often includes a story that the writer picked up somewhere along their travels that helps to prove the point they are making in the article. That inspiration can come from a number of different sources. Here we take a look at where to gain inspiration for your blog copy.

Personal Experiences

Drawing on your personal experiences is, of course, the best way to craft a narrative about any subject. This could be a story of you overcoming a challenge or simply something funny related to the subject matter you’re writing about. Everyone has more than a few entertaining stories from their past, and they can help humanize your writing.

Family Members

Everyone has a few family members who are just full of stories. If you have that one aunt or uncle who is always sharing amusing anecdotes at family get-togethers, use them as a source for your blog copy. This gives the reader a glimpse into your real-life and something that just about everyone can relate to.

The News

While the news has been a bit gloomy lately, there are still stories and correlations you can draw from trending topics to include in your blogs. You may want to shy away from giving a stance on specific controversial topics, but don’t be afraid to touch on those subjects in an objective fashion.

Social Media

Social media can be a great source of inspiration for your blog articles. It may not even be something remotely related to your industry that sparks an idea. Popular influencers, hashtags, and trending topics can all serve as sources for exciting content and help you write articles that piggyback on popular subjects.

The Office

It could be a water cooler conversation with a coworker that sparks your next great blog idea. Simply observing daily activities within the office or having a quick chat with your team can get the creative juices flowing. Always be on the lookout for inspiration, as you truly never know where it will come from.

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